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Peter Switzer

One of Australia's leading business and financial commentators 

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching.

Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones. A former lecturer in economics at the University of NSW, Peter is currently:

  • Weekly columnist for Yahoo!7 Finance
  • A regular contributor to The Australian newspaper and ABC radio
  • Host of his own TV show, Switzer and Grow Your Business, on SKY News Business
  • Regular host of the Super Show on 2GB radio.

As a nifty prop with a desire to wear an Easts guernsey, Peter Switzer was faced with a momentous decision when the curtain finally fell on his teenage years. Either chase a sporting career he knew was well within his reach, or hit the books and get a degree. "Thankfully I chose the latter," he said.

Thankful is probably an understatement clad with humility, given the achievements and accolades the man has garnered as one of Australia's leading business commentators and advocates. His brand and his pedestal is Switzer Financial Services, which he founded under the motto of "trusted provider of accounting, business and financial advice".

But it wasn't his own business that propelled him into the realm of the millionaires, he admits. To build our wealth, we bought old homes in great suburbs and renovated them. Your principal property is capital gains tax-free when you sell it and is a great way to build wealth.

After completing his Masters of Commerce, Switzer entered the workforce as a teacher at several private schools before teaching economics at the University of NSW for 13 years and starting his first business, an economics coaching school.

In his own words, he was then seduced away from academia by Triple M's then dominant breakfast radio host Doug Mulray. When the newspaper columns, radio interviews and TV stints came rolling in, Switzer transformed his coaching school into a media company.

As the global pandemic continues, Peter Switzer can tailor his presentation to discuss the effect coronavirus has on business and finance. Peter can present his keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.

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