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Opera By Disguise - Feature Acts - A great opener to your event and interesting surprĀ ...

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Opera By Disguise

A great opener to your event and interesting surprise to an event

A perfect surprise performance, Opera By Disguse catches guests off guard and entertains them unexpectedly. 

The show has recieved massive success across the globe, with their winning combination of surprise and audience participation. 

The show begins with the set-up of a Guest Speaker and his Wife joining the event, with an Average Joe planting himself amongst the audience.

Addressing the audience, the Guest Speaker breaks into song, before encouraging his Wife to join in. With guests wondering what is going on, they will be amused and entertained when the Average Joe amongst them joins in, singing along perfectly with the song. 

All of the singers work together harmoniously to produce a performance like no other. 

Opera By Disguse has performed for hundreds of local and international clients, often being invited back, giving audiences a taste of classical music with an astonishing surprise. 


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