Marty Wilson

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Change Management Speaker, Trainer, Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

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If change is a type of currency, Marty Wilson has been a very, very greedy boy indeed as his enthusiasm for breaking new ground has led to him follow his dreams and successfully launch into a number of industries.

Marty was a Pharmacist who threw away the white coat to become an Award winning copywriter, working on blue chip accounts like Coke, the NRL and launching Aussie Home Loans. He then decided to chop off his pony tail and began a comedy career full of amazing milestones. In 12 months he went from debut open mike to appearing on The Footy Show; on the way winning the prestigious Green Faces in Canberra – the only national competition judged by audience vote. Then he chased a gorgeous English nurse to the UK where he worked as a headlining artist at all the leading British and Irish comedy clubs, including The Comedy Store, The Gleeclub and Jongleurs. He moistened underwear at the Melbourne and Edinburgh Festivals, and even at the Virgin Rock Festival in London, and appeared every in major comedy showcase in the UK; including Live at Jongleurs and The Comedy Store Live.

After marrying Allie, the aforementioned English Rose, and becoming a dad, Marty totally lost his appetite for working every weekend, being on the road, and moved back to Australia to become a writer and speaker. He is now the best-selling author of 18 books, writes for Reader’s Digest, the Sydney Morning Herald and a dozen magazines, and regularly appears on Sunrise. He also has a children’s book coming out next year called “What do you want, the truth or a good story?”

Marty’s life experience, plus his interviews with over 1000 inspirational people for his book series, has given him a unique capacity to notice some profound truths buried in the even the humblest life story; and just as importantly, the skills to pass that wisdom on with integrity, empathy and great big slabs of gut-busting humour.

But Marty isn’t just the funniest speaker you’ll hear this year, he has developed a systematic process – based on mountains of scientific research – to teach your people how to use humour to short-circuit their inbuilt fears and anxieties about change and sales, leaving them able to think more clearly, stay solution focussed and perform at their best.

His keynotes and workshops are rammed full of scientific knowledge and takeaway tips and strategies – all wrapped up in countless hilarious stories – so your people can enthusiastic leap into the two biggest stressors of business in a less painful, far more productive way.

Marty’s presentations are incredibly human and instantly relatable to a wide variety of audiences.

Speaker Topics

Change Without Fear: The science of being resilient through times of change, innovation and disrupti
A huge proportion of people are absolutely terrified of change and will use every ounce of strength they have to fight it or avoid it. You need to understand why, and how you can hold their hand through their terror. Marty shares his vast knowledge of all the rigorous scientific evidence that proves the best way to short circuit fear and get your people to open up to new ideas is to use large doses of humour. Marty teaches that there is absolutely no point giving your employees new systems or investing in the best new software if you cannot convince the real flesh and blood human beings to let go of the way we used to do it. Marty uses the perfect blend of science and rib tickling stories to explain why we get so scared of new things in the first place, and how we can use humour to stay light, and embrace change in a powerful, user friendly way.
What I Wish I Knew About Success
If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice for how to live an extraordinary life, what would it be? What is important? What is not? What are the things that really matter? When you think about the distilled wisdom 1000 people, which is over 20,000 years of life experience condensed into one hilarious and fascinating hour.


In today’s fast paced world where the only constant is change, every organisation needs some time with Marty Wilson. He has a mountain of deeply thoughtful, thoroughly researched content that will help your people lose their fear of change. While he is totally hilarious, humour is just one of the many tools he uses to teach new ways of thinking and feeling about being out of your comfort zone. Marty has that unique ability to combine meaningful insights with a delivery style that challenges individuals thinking and at the same time have the room in stitches of laughter. A rare gift. I thoroughly recommend Marty to any corporate event where you are looking for fun and well researched meaning behind what you do for a living.


There are two types of speakers: those who have well-researched, actionable content that has a lasting impact on your people, and those who are incredibly motivating & entertaining. With Marty Wilson you get both. He inspired everyone at our event with some deeply challenging, well thought through strategies for how to stay resilient in the face of relentless change, and he had us in stitches for an hour. I’d strongly recommend Marty for any conference where you want to educate, motivate and give your people a great time

American Express

The thing that sets Marty Wilson apart from other speakers is that humour is his message as well as his method. As you’d expect from a former Australian Comic of the Year, his keynotes are incredibly engaging and funny, but the humour isn’t just “sugar to help the medicine go down”, it IS the medicine. Marty opens up your mind to the value of staying light, and leading with laughter. This makes your interactions with people more human, more authentic, and more effective.


Marty Wilson - Communication

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