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Dominic Thurbon - Change Management - Innovator, Strategist, Author and Change Advocate

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Changenomics: Making change happen

Companies don’t change, people do. We need to stop talking about ‘managing’ and ‘surviving’ change, and learn to talk about driving change. Take a look around your business and think about your greatest challenges. I’ll bet you they are behaviour change challenges. You might be trying to increase innovation, improve collaboration across teams or silos, sell to customers differently, drive better leadership or enhance your culture… these are all behaviour change challenges. Read less
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Rising above the competition and becoming the obvious choice

It has never been harder to stand out. In B2B, B2C, and even job markets, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate, compete and win. There are many reasons for this: digitisation has flooded the market with content and competition; commoditisation is driving prices and margins down, making it harder to sustainably compete; rising complexity is making it harder for companies to articulate clear, relevant value propositions; and customer loyalty is “so 20th century”. In this changing world, it’s no longer enough to be ‘good’ or ‘great’, we have to matter. This requires a deep connection to purpose, an ability to understand what our customers really buy, and insight into the true value that we can bring (and that no one else can).

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Unleashing the power of innovation

In today’s market, companies that can’t innovate can’t survive. The market is changing so quickly that our ability to innovate now sits at the heart of remaining relevant and competitive in an ever-changing world. That’s probably why ‘innovation’ is one of the most discussed and debated topics at conferences, off-sites, workshops and strategy sessions around the country. But most places can’t connect all the talk with real action, and in too many places innovation is simply as a buzzword. We need to develop a deeper and more practical understanding of what innovation is, in all its forms, and how we bring it to life. The truth is, innovation is a behaviour: you’re either doing it or you’re not. And learning the behaviours of innovation, and then finding ways to enable and promote them in your business, is the key to turning innovation from empty rhetoric to real-world changes. Read less
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Dominic Thurbon

Innovator, Strategist, Author and Change Advocate

Holding over a decade of experience helping global organisations, Dominic Thurbon is a thought-leader in the fields of innovation, behaviour change, education, and community investment. Passionate about stopping the management of change, Dominic helps organisations to build critical strategies in order to address change and then drive it. 

Currently, a partner at EY, Dominic has worked with international clients including Apple, Commonwealth Bank, IBM, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson. He previously was founder and Chief Creative Officer at Karrikins Group, a behaviour change agency, and founder of Educator Impact, a technology company driving improved teacher performance through 360o data-driven feedback.

Boasting a wealth of first-hand experience in business and the challenges that come along with it, Dom has also been an architect of multi-award-winning behaviour change programs. He has researched and authored best-sellers and white papers on a wide range of subjects, including purpose-driven leadership, strategy, innovation, competitive advantage, and behaviour change.

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