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Travels From-

Ellie Cole - Motivational Speakers

Ellie Cole

Paralympian and Motivational Speaker

Travels from New South Wales

Samuel Johnson - Motivational Speakers

Samuel Johnson

One of Australia's most beloved entertainers   

Travels from Victoria

Deng Adut - Motivational Speakers

Deng Adut

His story will motivate and inspire you! 

Travels from New South Wales

Grace Tame - Motivational Speakers

Grace Tame

2021 Australian of The Year and Advocate for Survivors of Child Sexual ...

Travels from Tasmania

Mike Rolls - Motivational Speakers

Mike Rolls

Using 'proactive resilience' to overcome life-altering obstacles 

Travels from Victoria

Libby Trickett - Motivational Speakers

Libby Trickett

Olympic Champion and Golden Girl of Australian Swimming

Travels from Queensland

Dr Craig Challen - Motivational Speakers

Dr Craig Challen

Heroic Thai Cave Rescue Diver & 2019 Australian of the Year

Travels from Western Australia

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Leadership

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Shifting attitudes and behaviours to improve focus and lift performance

Travels from Victoria

Dr Richard Harris - Motivational Speakers

Dr Richard Harris

2019 Australian of the Year for his heroic efforts

Travels from South Australia

Carly Findlay - Motivational Speakers

Carly Findlay

Challenging people’s thinking about what it’s like to have a visibly different ...

Travels from Victoria

Rosie Batty AO - Motivational Speakers

Rosie Batty AO

A leading voice against domestic violence

Travels from Victoria

Sophie Delezio - Inspirational

Sophie Delezio

An inspiration beyond all measure.

Travels from New South Wales

McQuilty Quirke - Inspirational

McQuilty Quirke

McQuilty Quirke has inspired many people with his courage, determination and positive ...

Travels from Queensland

Damien Thomlinson - Motivational Speakers

Damien Thomlinson

Australian veteran of the war in Afghanistan with an inspiring story

Travels from New South Wales

Priya Cooper - Sports Heroes

Priya Cooper

Hear from a renowned athlete who encourages everyone to achieve 

Travels from Western Australia

Justin Langer AM  - Motivational Speakers

Justin Langer AM

Coach of the Australian Cricket team and one of Australia's most highly ...

Travels from Western Australia

Mark Bunn - Mindfulness & Mindset

Mark Bunn

Learn timeless health wisdoms from a former AFL star

Travels from Victoria

Paul Taylor - Motivational Speakers

Paul Taylor

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Affiliate Professor

Travels from Victoria

Michael Licenblat - Mindfulness & Mindset

Michael Licenblat

Increase adaptivity, positivity and performance with increased resilience

Travels from Victoria

Dr Michael Nagel  - Education Speakers

Dr Michael Nagel

Provides contemporary insights into learning, motivation and 21st century learners.

Travels from Queensland

Justin Jones - Adventure & Challenge

Justin Jones

One of Australia’s premier motivational speakers and extreme adventurers

Travels from Tasmania

Cas & Jonesy - Motivational Speakers

Cas & Jonesy

James Castrission & Justin Jones are two young Aussie explorers who constantly push ...

Travels from New South Wales

Turia Pitt - Motivational Speakers

Turia Pitt

An amazing story of love, courage and inspiration.

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Jessica Gallagher - Motivational Speakers

Dr Jessica Gallagher

Feel motivated and inspired to achieve. A summer and winter Olympian.

Travels from Victoria

Kurt Fearnley - Motivational Speakers

Kurt Fearnley

Paralympian, champion and NSW Australian of the Year 2019

Travels from New South Wales

Mark Wales - Motivational Speakers

Mark Wales

A motivational speaker with a passion for resilience 

Travels from Victoria

Samantha Gash - Adventure & Challenge

Samantha Gash

Ultra-marathon runner and social impact champion 

Travels from Victoria

Gill Hicks - Motivational Speakers

Gill Hicks

Gill Hicks is an inspirational woman whose new lease on life has ...

Travels from South Australia

Mark Inglis - Motivational Speakers

Mark Inglis

Motivates audiences to embrace change and overcome challenges 

Travels from New Zealand

Louise Sauvage - Motivational Speakers

Louise Sauvage

Australian Sporting Legend; overcame adversity to achieve great success.

Travels from New South Wales

Sharon Bown - Motivational Speakers

Sharon Bown

Change the way you see adversity

Travels from ACT

Ron Delezio - Inspirational

Ron Delezio

Ron Delezio lives by a saying by Sir Winston Churchill: “Sometimes it ...

Travels from New South Wales

James Castrission - Motivational Speakers

James Castrission

An Australian explorer who pushes himself to the limits

Travels from New South Wales

Paul Warren - Motivational Speakers

Paul Warren

Captain of the 2016 Australian Invictus Games Team

Travels from Queensland

Michael Crossland - MCs & Hosts

Michael Crossland

Encourages audiences to achieve, succeed and make positive changes 

Travels from New South Wales

Daryl Elliott Green - Leadership

Daryl Elliott Green

TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, an incredible story of bravery, ...

Travels from Queensland

Kathy and Ralph Kelly - Motivational Speakers

Kathy and Ralph Kelly

Sharing an inspirational story that opens the eyes of audiences

Travels from New South Wales

Alan Tongue - Motivational Speakers

Alan Tongue

2017 Australian of the Year for ACT.

Travels from ACT

Isaiah Dawe - Diversity & Inclusion

Isaiah Dawe

Isaiah Dawe is a Butchulla and Garawa Salt Water Aboriginal man  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Todd Russell - Inspirational

Todd Russell

Todd Russell is one of the two survivors of the 2006 Beaconsfield ...

Travels from Tasmania

Andrew May - Change Management

Andrew May

An award-winning speaker, author, leadership and transformation specialist, and coach for athletes ...

Travels from New South Wales

Renae Hanvin  - Business Coaching

Renae Hanvin

A sought-after and engaging presenter, Renae Hanvin is helping organisations and government ...

Travels from Victoria

Bear Grylls - Adventure & Challenge

Bear Grylls

Former British Special Forces Soldier, TV Presenter and Best-Selling Author

Travels from United Kingdom

Chelsea Pottenger - Mindfulness & Mindset

Chelsea Pottenger

An international speaker and a leading authority on productivity, mindfulness and well-being  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Dan Keighran - Motivational Speakers

Dan Keighran

Victoria Cross Recipient and Australian Army Veteran

Travels from Queensland

Emma Murray - Communication

Emma Murray

Emma Murray is the founder of High-Performance Mindfulness – a practice she ...

Travels from Victoria

Dylan Alcott  - Sports Heroes

Dylan Alcott

Golden Slam Winning Tennis Player and a Highly Inspirational Speaker

Travels from Victoria

Mitch McPherson - Motivational Speakers

Mitch McPherson

Sharing his lived experience in a bid to change the way Australians ...

Travels from Tasmania

Corporal Mark Donaldson VC - Motivational Speakers

Corporal Mark Donaldson VC

Corporal Mark Donaldson VC was a member of Australia’s SAS. He was ...

Travels from New South Wales

Anna Meares - Sports Heroes

Anna Meares

The Most Successful Female Track Cyclist in History and OAM

Travels from South Australia


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