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James BuSTAR

Juggling axes and jokes as Australia’s leading performer

James BuSTAR has quickly built a name for himself as one of Australia’s most incredible entertainers. The world-renowned juggler's national claim to fame was on the stage of Australia’s Got Talent, but he continues to take his love of comedy and performing to new heights around the world.

As a talented juggler, James is not afraid to do comedy improv during his axe juggling routines. Having graduated from the World-Renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus, he continues to astound audiences with spectacular and death-defying stunts like his crowd-favourite bowling ball juggle.

With a career’s worth of national performing experience, James has also taken his stunts across the globe, performing for audiences in countries like Papua New Guinea, Japan and Vietnam. He has experience with any kind of event, performing at festivals all over the world with audiences ranging from 5 to 10,000 people.

With spectacular showmanship and a great sense of humour, James BuSTAR is one of the leading performers in the country. Audiences will be talking about “That Guy Bustar” and his incredible stunts for weeks to come!

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