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Anthony Laye

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Confident Communicator

As leaders, it is essential to be able to communicate effectively in order to inspire and motivate others.

Good communication skills can help a leader build trust and credibility with their team and stakeholders. It also allows them to express their vision clearly, which is
essential for driving success.

Leaders must also be able to listen carefully and respond appropriately. A good leader knows how to understand peoples needs and use effective communication techniques that will foster collaboration and create a positive working environment.

By mastering these skills, leaders can ensure that their message is heard loud and clear, inspiring confidence in those around them.

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Mind Power, People Power

How do we turn up as the best versions of ourselves?

In this laugh and learn session Anthony shares 3 key principles that will help your teams develop more meaningful human-to-human connections.

Whether you want to develop a more cohesive team, build stronger business relationships or sharpen your sales speak, walk away with simple hacks to build
rapport, trust and credibility with anybody.

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The People Puzzle

Leadership is harder now than ever before, teams are becoming disconnected and uninspired, the flexibility of remote working has led to a loss of camaraderie and
less visibility to what’s going on with the company vision and goals.

Leaders are having to deal with emotions, ego’s, anxiety, ambitions and high expectations around flexible working hours and locations.

Being a great leader starts from within and asking yourself;

‘How Are You Turning Up?’

In this interactive experience Anthony will demonstrate and share strategies and protocols to Re-engage, Reignite and Retain your teams.

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Anthony Laye

Effective Communication & Behaviour Expert

Behaviour Expert, Anthony Laye has an exceptional ability to understand how we think and behave. His tagline 'I know what you're thinking' is the essence of his presentations that aim to empower individuals and organisations with powerful tools for success.

Through Anthony's insights, you can elevate your professional communication to stand out, win trust and amplify your influence. What could you achieve if you knew the secret to reading people, understanding their body language in communication and influencing their thoughts and choices?

Imagine becoming so attuned to your customers' needs that you can deliver experiences that far exceed their expectations. Picture leading inspired, engaged teams that represent your organisation with passion and excellence, transforming your brand's presence in the marketplace.

But there's more to Anthony than just reading and influencing people. He also shows you how to understand and influence the way you are thinking too, so you can build more self confidence and awareness.

By mastering these techniques, you will achieve stronger connections, more productive collaborations, and a level of leadership that truly resonates.

Anthony Laye is not just a motivational speaker, but also a body language expert who knows what you're thinking. And now, he's ready to share this remarkable skill with you and your organisation.

  • For communicators who need to understand and be understood
  • For leaders who need to increase their awareness within their executive team
  • For Sales & Customer Service Professionals who want to create deeper connections
    and experiences
  • For Teams who are experiencing disconnection, conflict and miscommunication
  • For Conference & Event Planners who need an MC who can literally “read the room!”


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