James Castrission

Travels from: New South Wales

An Australian explorer who pushes himself to the limits

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Collaborating to Win
Effective collaboration is the most important element of success, whether you are striving to grow a company or you are voyaging across an ocean or tundra. Without real collaboration both endeavours are bound to fail. In this engaging keynote you will learn critical steps in creating a tribe that is aligned and working together, that supports each other, and that does not put personal ambition and success over that of the organisation. This is the perfect session on how to develop a culture that is geared towards collaboration, and ultimately success.
Feel the Excitement and Danger of Two of the Greatest Adventures in History
James has two keynotes, Crossing the Ditch & Crossing the Ice, which are highly motivating, story-based presentations perfect for motivating and inspiring an audience, to open or close a conference or as an after dinner presentation. Be thrilled and enthralled as he takes you on an audio visual journey through two of the greatest feats of adventuring in history. Imagine facing white-capped ocean swells as tall as a four story building and struggling across blinding white ice sheets as far as the eye can see. These international keynote presentations will stick with your audience for years to come.
The 6 Step Journey from Inspiration to Execution
In this lively keynote you will learn the critical steps that ensured James not only survive, but achieved two Guinness World Record adventures. He has developed a six step model so that your organisation can apply his learnings to achieving any goal. Whether it is a roadmap to achieving your 2020 vision or launching a new product, it is a model that will help your team build clarity and alignment to organisational achieving the impossible.

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

James Castrission is an Australian explorer who enjoys pushing himself to the limits, both mentally and physically.  

In 2008, alongside friend Jonesy, the duo paddled 3318km with no assistance across the Tasman Sea, becoming the first kayakers to cross the Tasman Sea as well as the longest transoceanic double kayak expedition. They braved treacherous environmental conditions including wind, rain and 10m swells as well as sleep and food deprivation. When the pair arrived on the shores of New Zealand they were exhausted both physically and mentally, sunburned, and underweight but ecstatic that they were both alive and had completed what they set out to do.

On January 26th 2012, the pair again made history by completing the longest unassisted expedition across the Antarctic.  They walked from the edge of Antarctic to the South Pole, and then returned. They spent 89 days skiing the 2275km required to make history.

James has also written and published two books titled ‘Crossing the Ditch’ and ‘Extreme South’, both based on his adventures.

He can speak to any audience and motivate them to push themselves and overcome any challenges they may encounter. 

James Castrission - Motivational Speakers

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