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Bringing personality to any event to everyone enjoys their experience

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Since 1995 Darren Isenberg has been one of Australia’s most popular, personable and professional corporate MC/facilitators, bringing warmth, with wonderful wordplay to conference rooms throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

It’s a fact that when people are enjoying themselves, they learn more.

It’s also a fact that, when Darren Isenberg is the MC of a conference (be it corporate, association or government) people have lots more reasons to enjoy themselves.

When on stage he brings something to the conference room that is often lacking at these gatherings – personality. 

Darren is an hospitable and humorous host of conferences, conventions, road-shows and product launches. He is an authority on entertaining and engaging audiences and is regarded as the MC to turn to when you want your delegates to learn more, enjoy life in the conference room more and feel like they, as an audience, have really been looked after.

It doesn’t matter if the delegates are serious and suited or casual and creative, Darren’s insightful and entertaining speaker introductions and wrap-up remarks are a much-appreciated feature of a conference day. He ensures that a corporate audience is not a passive, static collection of tired people.

Darren researches the organisation, the speakers and the personalities at an event, so he creates humour that hits home with the audience, many of whom believe that he must work in their field. Being a wickedly wonderful wordsmith, he writes his own script (saving you the time, energy and stress), contacts the speakers he will be introducing and arrives at the conference with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the event, ready for anything (including the almost inevitable last-minute changes).

Darren becomes an integral part of your event … its voice, its face and, through the rapport his style builds with the audience, often its heart and soul.

And he’s not just interested in what happens at the lectern. The entire conference room atmosphere is his concern. He will bring along specially-selected music to accompany the group as it walks into or out of the conference room, or to bring speakers to stage (often featuring clever links to their name, topic or something he will mention in their introduction) which the audience will often react to and clap in time to, creating a wonderfully warm and full atmosphere in the room.

He has clients who have him back year after year after year and consider him part of their corporate family.

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Darren Isenberg - MCs & Hosts

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