How Do I Introduce a Keynote Speaker

If you have been tasked with the job of hosting your conference or introducing the keynote speaker at you company event, there are some simple guidelines to follow to help you achieve the best introduction possible.

The most important tip is to keep it short and simple, do not let it go for longer than two minutes. The person you are introducing might have a list of credits a mile long; however, the introduction is not the place to let the audience know about them.

Even though all of their credits might seem as important as each other, you are going to have to figure out the most important 3-4 credits and highlight them.

It is the speaker’s job to let the audience know about all of their credits and why they are relevant to the audience.

It is best not to read out their entire biography, you don’t want to give away their whole story to the audience before the keynote speaker gets up on stage.

If you have not been given a prepared introduction in advance of the event then you will need to cut down their biography. Most biographies can be 500 to 100 words long and you will need to reduce that to approximately 200 words.

So just look for the highlights and remember, keep it simple.

Of course, whenever you book a speaker through Keynote Entertainment we will take care of all of this for you to help take some of the pressure off your event preparations.