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Carolyn Creswell

A business leader proving that you can have work-life balance.

As the Founder of Carman's Fine Foods, Carolyn Creswell is an inspirational leader who embodies the idea of work/life balance. She has proved that you can run and successful manage large and successful organisations whilst still having a personal life. 

Having managed Carmen’s through rapid growth, Carolyn has seen the company become Australia's number one selling muesli brand in supermarkets. 

For over two decades, Carolyn has produced Carmen’s good using the highest quality products and whole food. She is passionate about producing nourishing and delicious foods the whole family will enjoy. Carmen’s popularity has not only grown within Australia, but the products are now stocked in over 32 countries internationally. 

Carolyn is a proud mum and is committed to encouraging her employees to also enjoy their personal lives, motivating them to be a part of their children’s events and special occasions. She is also passionate about creating a cohesive team environment, ensuring employees eat lunch in the boardroom, take part in newspaper quizzes and leave early on a Friday if there are no pressing matters that have to be dealt with. 

In 2012, Carolyn was named Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year, and also won the 2007 Ernst and Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Recently, Carolyn’s success saw her in a mentoring role on Channel Ten’s ‘Recipe to Riches’. 

A highly respected business women and speaker, Carolyn is sought after for her motivating and humorous presentations. 

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