Peter Merrett

Travels from: New South Wales

Gain the tools to rediscover creativity and learn business secrets 

Categories: Branding & Marketing, Customer Service, Interesting Ideas

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Wonderful is the difference between a thriving organisation and a mediocre one. It's the very essence that makes people feel inspired and want to do more. It's the moment you give someone goosebumps because they've just had an incredible customer experience or felt deeply appreciated as an employee. Wonderful comes to life when we take a process, add emotion and sprinkle it with gratitude so your business can grow.

Above all else, you'll enjoy the permission to venture beyond the boredom of normal and break away from the constraints of conformity! With the aid of Peter's wizardry tools, you'll re-discover your creativity and learn the most essential of business secrets – how to master the art of possibility, fun and permission.

The truth of the matter is, he'd rather talk about why he does what he does – and why time spent with him will transform your business into the 'show' that will make people remember your business.

Peter can help you to see things differently. He always knows there's a better way of doing something to enhance an experience. His approach is sparkling, colourful, intriguing and elegant.

Peter loves all of the tiny little things he can do to make amazing experiences. By paying attention to the tiddly, minute details, Peter can evoke a feeling of 'yes' in your people and your customers. He can uplift, inspire and delight them. What Peter does is the stuff of fairytale reality and possibility – and yes, it's quite unique.

After hearing Peter speak, you will find your business changes is ways you never though possible, including: 

  • - Employees feeling more appreciated
  • - Customers experiencing out-of-this-world service
  • - Repeat business is ensured
  • - Bigger market share is achieved
  • - Your bottom line improves
Peter Merrett - Interesting Ideas

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