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Katharina Kuehn - Futurists & Future Trends - Neuroscientist, strategist, author and speaker

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How our Hidden Personality Governs the Way We Work: The power of neuroscience in understanding human

No matter how far we have evolved our deepest human emotions still govern us, yet they are rarely understood. Katharina will explore the hidden fundamentals of human decision making and how these influence us at every level of society; whether it is how we deal with brands, customers, or one another. Drawing on her three year transformation of the Winning Groups workplace culture, Katharina uncovers how our unique personality types impact the way we make decisions on how we work; both as individuals and a collective team. Read less
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Increasing Marketing Effectiveness with Consumer Neuroscience

Human decision making and behaviour happen largely under the radar of the conscious mind. In order to communicate and market effectively, the limbic system in the brain holds many strategic clues as to segment consumers and increase impact with key audiences. In this talk, Katharina will cover how to use neuroscience to build effective strategy, neuroscience insights into personality types and their choices as well as how to apply emotional shortcuts into the brain for marketing, communication, conversion success. Read less
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The Elephant in our Minds: How personality neuroscience illuminates unconscious decision making

Who are you, really? In this talk Katharina reveals underlying drivers and desires behind our decision making - and how we can become more aware of why we behave the way we do. Read less
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Katharina Kuehn

Neuroscientist, strategist, author and speaker

Why do we behave the way we do? In a rapidly changing world shaped by technology, the rise of tribalism and shifting demographics this question has never been more relevant. 

Katharina Kuehn is one of APAC’s leading neuroscientists, published author, keynote speaker and an expert in tapping into the non-conscious nature of human decision-making. Her mission is to create emotional connections and personalisation at an unprecedented, deeply human level. 

Katharina has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to not just answer this question but to drive strategies that help positively influence their results, their people, their customers and their broader role in society. Her work as Chief Strategy Officer of the Winning Group combines science, technology and strategy to drive the growth and development of the Group’s award winning e-commerce, technology, logistics and retail brands. 

Most recently, Katharina has led a transformation of Winning Group’s workplace culture and been selected as number #5 in Internet Retailing's Top 50 People in E-Commerce for 2019


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