Dr Helena Popovic

Travels from: Queensland

Doctor – Carer – Author – Speaker – Media Commentator

Categories: Change Management, Education Speakers, Health & Lifestyle, Mindfulness & Mindset

Speaker Topics

Clarity and resilience
Implementable and practical strategies
Lasting results
Originality and humour
Passion and the positive use of infectious energy
Shifting thinking and behaviour

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Dr Helena Popovic is a successful doctor, author, and speaker who is passionate about sharing education and ideas. She is a leading authority figure on improving brain function and lifestyles to positively impact every individuals life.

Currently, Helena is the Founder and CEO of Choose Health - Better Living for Busy People, which is an organisation built on the notion of powerful education. 

With more stress than ever before in the business world, Helena is passionate about educating corporations, businesses and individuals how to live longer, stronger, happier and healthier lives. She believes that peak health is ideal for peak performance in every day life. 

As an author, her inspiring book titled 'In Search of My Father'. Within it Helena explores the emotional topic of dementia. She tells her personal story whilst giving tips on how to build a better brain at any age as well as powerful and meaningful lessons on leadership, engagement and overcoming challenges. 

Helena's presentations are often described as dynamic, engaging and educational, as she delivers measureable results. She equips her audience with skills that lead to enhanced performance, increased productivity, sharper thinking, incisive problem solving and greater life satisfaction. She injects a zest for life and work into every audience member. 

Helena is able to tailor her presentations to suit any desired outcome, but a range of her speaking topics include: 

  • passion and the positive use of infectious energy
  • originality and humour
  • clarity and relevance
  • implementable and practical strategies
  • shifting thinking and behaviour
  • lasting results
Dr Helena Popovic - Education Speakers

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