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Groove Music

Offering a performance that suits any event and audience 

Available as a solo, duet or 4,5 or 6-piece band, Groove Music offers a performance that will suit any event and ensure its success.

As a solo act, Paula engages with her audience providing a personal feel to any event. She is a highly sought-after singer and guitar teacher holding high credibility within the Queensland music scene. Perfect for smaller events or budgets, Paula demonstrates her impressive talent providing incredible covers of songs your audience know and love.

Paula and Jason are available to perform as a duo. Combining their extensive experience and elevated levels of enthusiasm, the pair produce a performance that audiences will remember. Paula’s vocals and guitar skills pair perfectly with Jason’s bass and vocals providing music fit for any occasion. They can perform with or without a backing which adds to their musical diversity and ensures they suit any audience.

Groove Music also performs as a band, bringing more music to your event. With Mark Wyer on the keyboard and Luke Gallagher on the drums, Groove’s repertoire expands and they play a broader range of music. The band’s presence and visual impact stands out to audiences, ensuring they remember the event long after its conclusion.

Groove Music’s talents are often seen at some of Townville’s major events and celebrations, including balls, gala dinners and corporate events. The band has been voted as Townville’s Favourite Entertainers by the Bulletin readers.

With the unique ability to adapt to any event and size, Groove Music’s performances are fun and professional. With a clear passion for all music, Groove passes this onto their audience through their performances, ensuring audiences enjoy their time.

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