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Dance Bands

Dance Bands

Everyone is happy when they're dancing, when have you ever seen someone dancing with a frown? make sure everyone leaves your next event with a smile.

Everybody dance now! So your event or conference is coming to an end, everyone has had enough plenary sessions and want to let their hair down and what better way to do it than with a dance. We are experts in the area of dance bands and the new trend of DJ bands  .

Dance Bands Traveling From:

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Travels From-

HALO - Dance Bands


Halo is a musical band that is highly sought after in New ...

Travels from New Zealand

The Hipstamatics - Dance Bands

The Hipstamatics

The Hipstamatics are a household name in New Zealand, with their incredible ...

Travels from New Zealand

'100% Kylie'

A fantastic night’s entertainment

Travels from Victoria

Swingin La Vida Loca - Dance Bands

Swingin La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin vs Michael Buble

Travels from New South Wales

Hit Machine - Dance Bands

Hit Machine

Hit's form the 80's and 90's

Travels from New South Wales

Elementz - Dance Bands


Delivered with an extra twist of originality, melody and harmony.

Travels from Queensland

Smooth Ops - Dance Bands

Smooth Ops

Ensuring that the musical side of the night goes off without a hitch! ...

Travels from ACT

Chill Divine - Dance Bands

Chill Divine

Presenting a full, rich sound to deliver a professional and polished performance ...

Travels from Western Australia

Franklin - Dance Bands


Dedicated to providing the right ambience for your event

Travels from Western Australia

Scott Pullen - Dance Bands

Scott Pullen

Scott Pullen may be one of the statesmen-like pillars of Sydney’s dance ...

Travels from New South Wales

Swipe Right - Dance Bands

Swipe Right

Melbourne's hottest and most sought after Top 40 corporate cover band

Travels from Victoria

DJ Nicky - Dance Bands

DJ Nicky

A successful percussionist, vocalist and professional drummer as well as DJ

Travels from Queensland

sisterMISTER - Dance Bands


Delivering an unforgettable entertainment experience every time

Travels from Queensland

All About Her - Dance Bands

All About Her

A leading cover band with over 20 years in live entertainment 

Travels from South Australia

DJ Saint Patrick  - Dance Bands

DJ Saint Patrick

A  professional and experienced DJ who performs regularly at private and corporate events  ...

Travels from South Australia

DJ Felicity  - Dance Bands

DJ Felicity

An experienced DJ who adapts to suit her audience 

Travels from South Australia

21/20 Band - Dance Bands

21/20 Band

A premier live act with a wide repertoire

Travels from Victoria

Emma Lancaster Trio - Dance Bands

Emma Lancaster Trio

Combining vocal, DJ, sax and guitar to produce incredible music

Travels from Queensland

Elevation - Dance Bands


A top entertainment band that covers every style of music 

Travels from Queensland

DJ Mr Smith - Dance Bands

DJ Mr Smith

DJ Mr Smith is the master of the dance floor. With his extensive background ...

Travels from Queensland

James Mack - Dance Bands

James Mack

A DJ for all occasions 

Travels from New South Wales

DJ Cadell - Dance Bands

DJ Cadell

After a highly successful DJing career that has spanned 12 years and ...

Travels from New South Wales

DJ Feline - Dance Bands

DJ Feline

DJ DJ FéLINE has emerged from a 10 year career in the event ...

Travels from New South Wales

Queen Forever - Dance Bands

Queen Forever

If it’s Queen you want, it’s Queen you can have!  ...

Travels from Victoria

NEON - Dance Bands


On a mission to deliver a fun and memorable performance

Travels from Tasmania

DJ Lavida - Dance Bands

DJ Lavida

An eclectic mix of beats and an energetic style

Travels from Victoria

Nicky G - Dance Bands

Nicky G

DJ Nicky G has been the pioneer of Australian female DJs

Travels from New South Wales

Erin Marshall - Dance Bands

Erin Marshall

One of Sydney’s finest singers and DJ's

Travels from New South Wales

Niki De Saint - Dance Bands

Niki De Saint

A DJ for sophisticated music lovers of life

Travels from New South Wales

Carneval Strings - Dance Bands

Carneval Strings

In-demand musicians with extensive experience 

Travels from Victoria

Sam Perry - Feature Acts

Sam Perry

A one man orchestra and winner of the 2018 The Voice Australia

Travels from Western Australia

Immaculate Madonna - Dance Bands

Immaculate Madonna

A concert experience dedicated to the Queen of Pop

Travels from Victoria

Phoebe Day - Dance Bands

Phoebe Day

A winning combination of vocals, and jazz, soul, RNB and blues.

Travels from Victoria

Adelaide Clark - Dance Bands

Adelaide Clark

A refined performer with an engaging and energetic stage presence 

Travels from Victoria

Jess & Chris - After Dinner Entertainers

Jess & Chris

Keep the good vibes going for any occasion

Travels from Western Australia

Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE - Dance Bands

Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE

They have to be seen to be believed

Travels from Victoria

Seventeen 12 - Dance Bands

Seventeen 12

A dynamic duo with stunning vocals and percussive flair 

Travels from Queensland

DJ Clariti - Dance Bands

DJ Clariti

DJ of choice for a range of events

Travels from Queensland

Bjorn Again - Dance Bands

Bjorn Again

Delivering a performance packed with ABBA hits

Travels from Victoria

Sam & Sam - Dance Bands

Sam & Sam

With a connection that satisfies any venue or stage 

Travels from Victoria

Superstitious - Dance Bands


Energetic and entertaining band offering a wide array of arrangements 

Travels from New South Wales

Atomic  - Dance Bands


Highlighting exceptional vocals and captivating stage presence 

Travels from New South Wales

Groove Music - Dance Bands

Groove Music

Offering a performance that suits any event and audience 

Travels from Queensland

Trace Duo - Dance Bands

Trace Duo

Providing stripped back alternatives of hit songs 

Travels from Queensland

AViiDA - Dance Bands


Husband and wife vocal powerhouses that wow audiences

Travels from Western Australia

Sound Factory - Dance Bands

Sound Factory

A premiere corporate band covering everyone's favourite hits

Travels from South Australia

SoulArte  - Dance Bands


Using music to create a memorable event 

Travels from New South Wales

One Hit Wonders - Dance Bands

One Hit Wonders

Playing One Hit Wonder songs loved by all 

Travels from New South Wales

The Greg Schultz Band  - Dance Bands

The Greg Schultz Band

Offering everything from background music to dance floor tunes

Travels from Western Australia

Little Belle - Dance Bands

Little Belle

An electrifying live band performance to excite any audience

Travels from Western Australia

The Amplifiers - Dance Bands

The Amplifiers

A professional and polished act that thrills audiences 

Travels from Western Australia

The High Rollers Big Band - Dance Bands

The High Rollers Big Band

Adding elegance, style and sophistication to ensure a memorable event

Travels from New South Wales

Popcorn - Dance Bands


Talented musicians that hold a fantastic reputation

Travels from Victoria

Mr Buzzy - Feature Acts

Mr Buzzy

Delivering a dynamic stage performance and four part harmonies 

Travels from South Australia

The Cast - Dance Bands

The Cast

Offering top notch performances for any event

Travels from South Australia

EQUALS - Feature Acts


Contemporary and diverse dance group aiming to increase acceptance 

Travels from Queensland

Redfusion ft ROMY - After Dinner Entertainers

Redfusion ft ROMY

Combining the skills of top musicians with powerful vocals

Travels from Queensland

SWAY DUO - Dance Bands


Wowing audiences and creating the perfect atmosphere 

Travels from Queensland

Phoebe and the Night Creatures - Dance Bands

Phoebe and the Night Creatures

Delivering a unique take on your favourite songs

Travels from Victoria

Groove Inc. - Dance Bands

Groove Inc.

Groove Inc. – You can’t sit down!

Travels from Queensland

The Baker Boys Band - Dance Bands

The Baker Boys Band

A premium 3-14 man band that are specialists in high-energy music

Travels from Victoria

The Groove Academy - Dance Bands

The Groove Academy

One of Australia’s most in demand acts

Travels from New South Wales

Fun House - After Dinner Entertainers

Fun House

Playing music from all genres to entertain every audience member 

Travels from Queensland

Dr Groove - Dance Bands

Dr Groove

Dynamic entertainment from dinner to dance 

Travels from Queensland

Honey - Dance Bands


Wowing audiences with impeccable vocals, choreograohy and costumes

Travels from Queensland

Vegas Please - Dance Bands

Vegas Please

A lineup of experienced musicians with a structured muscial soundscape

Travels from Queensland

Absolutely 80s - Dance Bands

Absolutely 80s

Brining back the best Australian talent from the 1980’s

Travels from Victoria

The Mad Hatters - Dance Bands

The Mad Hatters

Combining Gatsby style with live vocals and saxophone 

Travels from Victoria

The House of Gaga - Feature Acts

The House of Gaga

Australia’s very first and #1 Lady GaGa tribute show

Travels from New South Wales

The Funky Film X-Press - Dance Bands

The Funky Film X-Press

All your favourite songs from the best movies and musicals

Travels from Victoria

The Australian Kylie Show – Angie Hilton - Feature Acts

The Australian Kylie Show – Angie Hilton

An internationally acclaimed tribute to the one and only Kylie Minogue

Travels from Victoria

Tall Pop Syndrome - Dance Bands

Tall Pop Syndrome

One of the most popular dance bands in Sydney

Travels from New South Wales

Savvy - Dance Bands


Delivers the complete entertainment package.

Travels from Queensland

Peppermint Jam - Dance Bands

Peppermint Jam

Non Stop medleys are the bands signature

Travels from New South Wales

Neo - Dance Bands


Neo set out to create a relaxed urban vibe

Travels from Western Australia

Mixa - Dance Bands


Fusing music genres together to produce a unique performance

Travels from New South Wales

Mix Method - Dance Bands

Mix Method

A high energy musical group with plenty of interaction

Travels from Victoria

Midnight Groove - Dance Bands

Midnight Groove

Setting the mood to cater for your individual themes

Travels from Queensland

HitZone - Dance Bands


Renowned for their level of musicality and professionalism

Travels from Victoria

Hetty Kate - Dance Bands

Hetty Kate

With swinging style vocals and fun word play 

Travels from Victoria

Hardware Lane - Dance Bands

Hardware Lane

Delivering a stunning show designed specifically for your special event

Travels from Victoria

Halcyon - Dance Bands


One of Australia’s premier cover bands

Travels from New South Wales

Flyte - Dance Bands


Their talent is endless and can fit any event

Travels from New South Wales

Everyday People - Dance Bands

Everyday People

Versatile musical range and performance formats with extensive experience

Travels from New South Wales

Essential - Dance Bands


Producing a show that suits every audience member

Travels from Victoria

Element - Dance Bands


Combining musical talents to produce a group with unique artistic flair.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Big City Beat - Dance Bands

Big City Beat

Top Melbourne Corporate Dance Band

Travels from Victoria

Aussie Gold - Dance Bands

Aussie Gold

Your entire audience singing along to decades of classic Australian hits

Travels from Victoria

Alisa Fedele - Dance Bands

Alisa Fedele

A soulful voice that epitomises the jazz era

Travels from New South Wales

Acoufunkture - Dance Bands


A unique twist on the music you know and love

Travels from Hong Kong

DJ Aaron - Dance Bands

DJ Aaron

Whether busting out the groove centre or playing your favourite hits, Aaron ...

Travels from Queensland

Radio Star - Dance Bands

Radio Star

In demand four piece cover band

Travels from Victoria

CP Test Speaker

Testing purposes only

Travels from

Dragonfly  - Dance Bands


Leading acoustic duo perfect for corporate event

Travels from New Zealand

DJ Jaye - Dance Bands

DJ Jaye

DJ and commentary skills are combined to provide a great evening for ...

Travels from Queensland

Platinum - Dance Bands


One of Australia’s most established and well respected corporate event bands ...

Travels from Victoria

Sam Ludeman - After Dinner Entertainers

Sam Ludeman

A musical force to be reckoned with

Travels from Victoria

Mood Indigo - Dance Bands

Mood Indigo

Dedicated and talented musicians who specialise in performing at corporate functions

Travels from Victoria

The Veronicas - After Dinner Entertainers

The Veronicas

An Australian singer/songwirter duo made up of twin sisters, Jess and Lisa ...

Travels from Victoria

Cookin On 3 Burners  - Dance Bands

Cookin On 3 Burners

As Australia’s hardest hitting Hammond Organ Trio, Cookin’ On 3 Burners combine ...

Travels from Victoria

Nick Field - Dance Bands

Nick Field

In the 80’s when rare groove and electro were big in the ...

Travels from New South Wales

Marea Lambert-Barker - Dance Bands

Marea Lambert-Barker

Awaken the soul with a musical vibe that is irresistible

Travels from New South Wales

Melting Beats - After Dinner Entertainers

Melting Beats

A new, vibrant and innovative live band 

Travels from Western Australia

Un-Limited - Dance Bands


With a repertoire that journeys through the biggest hits

Travels from Victoria

Heatwave Band - Dance Bands

Heatwave Band

First class entertainment that have performed across the globe

Travels from Victoria

XO Duo - Dance Bands

XO Duo

Creating the perfect musical atmosphere for any event

Travels from New South Wales

The Wildflowers - Dance Bands

The Wildflowers

Delivering unforgettable entertainment for any event 

Travels from Western Australia

Whooshka - Dance Bands


Combining in-demand musicians with favourites from the past four decades

Travels from New South Wales


Let's Groove Tonight

Combining virtuosity, talent and exceptional stage presence 

Travels from New South Wales

Tongue and Groove - Dance Bands

Tongue and Groove

Experienced musicians that choose music to achieve a full dance floor.

Travels from New Zealand

Jackie Clarke  - MCs & Hosts

Jackie Clarke

Giving up her career in house cleaning after learning people would pay ...

Travels from New Zealand

Trace Band - Dance Bands

Trace Band

Available as a band or duo and pefect for any event

Travels from Queensland

Roger Davy & Vavachi - After Dinner Entertainers

Roger Davy & Vavachi

Guaranteed to keep guests on their feet

Travels from Queensland

Matt Hetherington   - Dance Bands

Matt Hetherington

A hard working talented artist, vocalist and performer

Travels from Victoria

VAMP - Dance Bands


Thier exuberant personality pops on stage and connects with any audience

Travels from Victoria

The Suit - Dance Bands

The Suit

A modern music combination of DJ and saxophone

Travels from Victoria

The Robbie Williams Experience - Dance Bands

The Robbie Williams Experience

A tribute to the ultimate, modern day showman, Robbie Williams

Travels from Victoria

The Players - Dance Bands

The Players

Their extensive repertoire will keep your dance floor grooving

Travels from New South Wales

The Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson Tribute - Dance Bands

The Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson Tribute

Australia’s finest tribute to the late King Of Pop

Travels from Victoria

The Mac Project - Dance Bands

The Mac Project

Cool mix of Jazz and Groove

Travels from Victoria

Sarah Maclaine - Dance Bands

Sarah Maclaine

With a rich, velvety voice and fantastic vocal range

Travels from Victoria

Redtie Band - Dance Bands

Redtie Band

The new, fresh face of high end corporate entertainment

Travels from Queensland

Pete Mitchell Jazz - Dance Bands

Pete Mitchell Jazz

Sophisticated Jazz Ensemble

Travels from Victoria

Myall High Club - Dance Bands

Myall High Club

Delivering a unique musical experience

Travels from New South Wales

Louie and the Party Boyz - Dance Bands

Louie and the Party Boyz

Louie & The Party Boyz have entertained audiences all over Australia

Travels from Victoria

Jellybean Jam - Dance Bands

Jellybean Jam

A powerful dance band that leaves audiences thoroughly entertained

Travels from New South Wales

Emma Pask - After Dinner Entertainers

Emma Pask

The greatest gift to Australian Jazz Vocals in the last decade

Travels from New South Wales

Countdown Explosion - Dance Bands

Countdown Explosion

Sydney's number one disco showband

Travels from New South Wales

Cathrine Summers - Dance Bands

Cathrine Summers

With an undeniable on-stage charisma, melodic versatility and playful banter

Travels from Western Australia


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