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David Leaney

Travels from: ACT

'The 5 Year Futurist'

Categories: Business Speakers, Change Management, Customer Service, Futurists & Future Trends, Innovation, Interesting Ideas, Social Media

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Are you mystified or confused about the new social media world of “FaceTube”?  Do you want to know what technologies that companies, governments and individuals are investing in?  Are you keen to find out what technology gadgets will be on the shelves this Christmas?  Have you always wondered why technology doubles in power or halves in price every 18 months?  Can cyber criminals really steal all of your data and hack into your bank account?  Will your computer blow up if you click on the wrong thing?

David makes the complex world of business technology simple and easy to understand.  David is approachable, informative, educational, and entertaining.

David’s qualifications include a degree in electronics, and masters’ degrees in science and business.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, and a Certified Management Consultant.  David has worked in Belgium, UK and the US, has written articles for and presented to national and international audiences, and presents an annual business technology forecast. David is a Principal with Predicate Partners.

Speaker Topics

Impact of disruptive technologies such as Uber on the taxi industry
What is the next Uber disruption and where? Which jobs are safe from disruption? What are the growing (and shrinking) sectors?
Technology of the Future
A Non Technical Guide to Technology Trends
Technology Trends
Such as emerging technology, business process management (BPM), and speech recognition applications
Technology Trends: What Is The Next Big Thing?
Internet and software, mobile phones and PDAs, consumer electronics and gadgets, top 10 lists for brands, gadgets, CIO priorities, government, and trends, and predictions for the following year
The World of Web 2.0: A Non Geeks Guide
David has also presented on topics as broad as IT security; intellectual property and digital rights management; portfolio/program management; streamlining business processes; boosting frontline customer service; and governance, risk and compliance.
What the Twitter!? Demystifying Social Media
Practical case study demonstrations and an interactive workshop on Web 2.0 and social media, including the tips, traps, risks and issues
David Leaney - Customer Service

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