Matina Jewell

Travels from: New South Wales

A story of inspiration and leadership learnt over her military career

Categories: Adventure & Challenge, Change Management, Leadership, Military Speakers

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Matina Jewell is a transformative leader providing a life-changing perspective from the front-line of leadership, resilience and courage. She has earned military accolades in some of the toughest environments on earth and her courageous decision making, values based leadership and vision for empowering teams continue to transform organisations globally. Matina has been an advisor to the Prime Minister and is a best-selling author and international speaker. 

Joining the army at age 17, Matina's military career culminated with a coveted posting to serve as part the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO) in the Middle East. After full-scale war erupted between Israel and Lebanon, most of Matina’s colleagues – her ‘brothers’ - were tragically killed. Her story was featured in a two-part ABC Australian Story television special.

More than just an incredible life story, Matina's lessons on leadership, resilience and change has tranformed some of the largest coporations globally. Her message of courage inspires audiences and transforms mindsets from all walks of life.

Capturing the audience the moment she speaks, Matina utilises enthralling first-hand footage and takes audiences on a journey that positively impacts everyone. Your audience will be inspired, hearing how Matina cheated death, took command and showed pure courage while leading her team in the most extreme of conditions – under fire during the Lebanon War.

Matina speaks passionately about leadership, resilience, change, purpose, adapting for success, empowering teams, mental health, performing under pressure, risk and crisis management, high performance culture and culture & gender. 

Matina Jewell - Change Management

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