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High Performance and Operational Excellence

Fighter squadrons achieve their strategic objectives 98 percent of the time, but in business they are achieved as low as 13 percent. Under this topic Jazz shares the process military aviators use to operate at a high performance level and the tools she uses to stay agile, innovative and a step ahead at all times. Read less
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Inspire. Women. Succeed.

Jazz shares with her audience how she overcame challenges to succeed in a complex and largely male dominated world. She offers practical, confidence building advice that anyone can use to push open doors, forge their own careers and succeed. Read less
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The Success Habit

With an incredible story filled with determination, Jazz shows audiences how success can be a habit by focussing on goals, doing simple things well and surrounding yourself with the right people. Read less
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Jasmine 'Jazz' Young

First Australian female pilot to be deployed on fast jet operations

Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Young has been serving the country as Australian’s first female pilot to ever be deployed on fast jet operations. As the Flight Lieutenant for the F/A-18F Super Hornet Weapon Systems Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force (“RAAF”), she inspires young Australians to work hard and strive for their dreams.

Jazz joined the RAAF at 17, where she undertook a Bachelor of Business and Air Force Officer Training at the Australian Defence Force Academy. With her love of aviation, she completed her flight training and continued working hard to be selected for fast jet operations on the F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Throughout her career, Jazz has flown around the world, conducting training exercises and deployments with her Squadron. As part of the Air Task Group, she was deployed to the Middle East to combat Islamic State forces between 2014 and 2015.

Currently, Jazz is posted to the RAAF’s Air Combat Transition Office, where she remains heavily involved in the specialist strategic planning and change management team. She continues to help the organisation innovate and adapt to new technologies, such as their transition from the F/A-18A/B Hornet to the F-35A capability.

A remarkable role model, Jazz’s career is one of determination, hard work and humility. She draws on personal anecdotes to engage audiences, demonstrating how they too can rise above challenges and make success a habit in everyday life.

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