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Mark Wales

Travels from: Victoria

A motivational speaker with a passion for resilience 

Categories: Business Speakers, Motivational Speakers

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Mark Wales is an excellent motivational speaker with a passion for resilience, both professionally and personally.

Joining the SAS in high school, Mark’s career in the Australian military led him to the battlefields in Afghanistan. Acting as Troop Commander, Mark was in charge of thirty elite soldiers and was responsible for leading combat missions. During this period, he developed strong skills in leadership, teamwork and high performance.

After fighting in Afghanistan, Mark battled both depression and stress disorders but was determined to overcome them with the same tenacity he encompassed in the battlefields. Researching both neurobiological science and the benefit of skills development, saw him recover strongly and fuel his personal growth.

His successful recovery and personal growth saw a passion for business grow inside Mark, and he was accepted into the Wharton School of Business - an Ivy League College in the U.S.A. Mark was recently awarded their prestigious 40 under 40 award.

After graduating, he joined McKinsey & Company, a respected consulting outfit also known as ‘The Firm’. He founded a fashion start-up Kill_Kapture, a tough-luxury ecommerce brand and is also CEO of a not-for-profit called Younger Hero's, which creates programs to reconnect veteran parents with their children.

In 2017, Mark competed in Australian Survivor.

His speaking topics include life and transformational strategy, personal performance, resilience and mental health and business strategy.

With a strong resilience, Mark Wales demonstrates a passionate individual who was able to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Speaker Topics

Battlefield: Leadership in uncertainty
Focused on skills and mindsets needed to lead teams under extreme uncertainty. Using examples from Special Operations, startups, and McKinsey, Mark focuses on tactical tips you can use from Day 1 to improve your leadership and drive results.
Close Combat: The art and science of competition
Here Mark reviews the importance of strategy, execution, and agility in any competitive system, drawing lessons from warfighting in Afghanistan. Useful tips on how to apply this from Day 1 are included in the talk.
Execution Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Here Mark shares anecdotes about a hard earned lesson: execute quickly, with a sound plan. Learn about goal setting, asymmetric warfare, contingency planning and the impact of emotions in a team setting.
Mission, Team, Self
Mark outlines the hierarchy of needs that any effective leader should follow. This is a useful carry over of military values into business settings, proven by 2,000 years of history. Mark discusses the importance of rest, nutrition, exercise and growth for maintaining your foundation as an individual leader.
Peak performance under stress
Mark focuses on using 4 count breathing to dampen stress responses, and improve quality of decision making. This is an interactive class that uses heart rate monitors to demonstrate the benefits of deep breathing in a stressful situation
The Mind: Mental resilience
Focused on skills and mindsets needed to prevent mental illness, and to recover and grow from trauma and failure. Mark draws from neurobiology and uses personal examples to illustrate a proven approach to prevention, recovery and growth from failure and trauma.
Who Dares Wins
Any endeavour requires applying the basics of a clear mission, a high performing team, and mastery of self. Mark draws on his experience at the top levels of Special Operations and business to show you that the basics done well, are the foundations of mission success.


Mark spoke to our group and he led topics related to mental health and effective techniques for stress management in the workplace. He was deeply credible and highly engaging, drawing on his experience from both the battlefield and the boardroom. We would be thrilled to have Mark join us again in the future and would certainly recommend him for other engagements.

McKinsey & Company

Mark was very engaging and provided the perfect message that the team required as we head into another year of selling. Mark delivered a message that demonstrated mental strong, commitment, ownership and emotion. I would highly recommend Mark.

Mimecast Aust. Pty. Ltd.

Wanted to thank you for your presentation to the team on Friday. The feedback from the team was fantastic and certainly hit the right cord in terms of personal and professional challenges.

Design and Build

Mark Wales - Business Speakers

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