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Have you ever wondered what gets in the way of you being naturally confident? Do you know what stops you from realising how bold, talented and fabulous you really are? And have you ever wished for a tried, tested and easy way to transform your fear into confidence in a heartbeat or five? In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro will share the six most effective techniques that have helped tens of thousands of leaders from around the world do away with debilitating fear and tap into sustained confidence. Participants will walk away with two mind hacks, two body hacks, and two life hacks that will help them to: Master their minds, so that they can pursue their goals and dreams Identify how fear shows up in their body and how to turn it into excitement Know what success looks like for them and how to have the deep confidence to pursue it Read less
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Have you ever set goals and then forgotten about them, only to find them in a drawer or journal many months later? Have you set SMART goals, only to find they’re not smart enough to motivate you to take action? Have you set goals and achieved them, only to be left with a slight sense of emptiness afterward? Or have you set goals that excite you, only to be stopped in your tracks by fears, doubts and procrastination? In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro unpacks the science and art of setting goals that light a fire in your belly. She also teaches you the simplest ways to make achieving your goals almost inevitable. The result? Goals that light you up, a surefire way to achieve them, and a method to move past the inevitable fears and doubts that crop up along the way. Participants will leave with: An understanding of how to set the right goals - goals that light a fire in the belly Practical (and fun!) techniques to make achieving your goals a reality An understanding of the fears and doubts that hold them back … and how to overcome them The motivation and know-how to beat procrastination when it rears its ugly head Read less
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The old paradigm of leadership is in dire need of an overhaul. Leaders are overwhelmed, over-tired and over it. In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro paints a new and very doable leadership paradigm: one that involves lighting up the leader within. She talks through the two main shifts to create lit up leaders and the action steps under each shift. You are left with a set of tools that will help you to light yourself up - and to light up others. The bonus? You will leave feeling far more energised, and knowing how to quickly become happier, healthier and higher-performing. Participants will walk away with: The motivation and know-how to light up their lives and careers Practical tips and techniques to: Move away from victim mode and into leader & creator mode Lift their energy levels quickly and substantially Get clear on what they want Steer their ship in the direction of their goals Two of the best tools to light up others Read less
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Why is it so hard for us to make brave choices? How can we summon up the courage, confidence and wisdom needed to make bold decisions in the midst of fear? And how can we learn to embrace change, especially when change feels like the last thing we want? In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro will help you to understand and unblock the obstacles to making brave choices and embracing change. Whether you need to move past self-sabotage or to manage fear, you will leave with a deeper understanding of what stands in your way, and some practical tools to make the brave choices or changes you know you need to make. Read less
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Shall we start with the bad news? You could learn the world’s best productivity tools in a day, and the difference they would make to your productivity and impact levels would be, in technical terms, diddly-squat. Most of us have procrastinated more than we would like. We’ve tried to rely on our discipline to beat procrastination and lift productivity … and we’ve failed, probably much more than we would like. And here’s a secret not many people know. Most of us have hit a place where we’re no longer motivated by our to do lists. Being productive is, in and of itself, nowhere near a big enough motivation any more. We wonder what is wrong with us - but here’s the next secret: there is nothing wrong with you. You’ve just been approaching productivity from the wrong angle. In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro provides the good news on productivity. First: productivity is entirely an inside job, which means you are entirely in control of it. Second, you can lift your productivity levels by over 50% with the information she provides in this session. Read less
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Dr Gemma Munro

Leading advocate for female empowerment and gender equality

A leader in breaking boundaries within society, Dr Gemma Munro specialises in helping women move beyond their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to reach their full potential.

With a PhD in performance psychology, Gemma draws upon her research to empower everyone to embrace fear and discomfort so that they can shape the lives and careers they want. It’s no wonder that, thanks to Gemma, thousands of women have been able to overcome their fears and seize every opportunity with confidence, excellence and ease.

As founder of the innovative Inkling Women, Gemma has helped to raise the percentage of women in leadership positions across Australia, Asia and the UK. She is an expert in breaking through gender barriers within organisations to help all members thrive.

Leading the charge with an all-female team, Gemma coaches organisations to understand and break through gender equity barriers to create cultures in which both men and women can thrive. Thanks to her leadership programs, 60% of participants have gained a promotion or further employment opportunities within the nine months of the program. 

Outside of her advocacy work, Gemma is also a trained classical singer, with performances in cathedrals and stadiums around the world. Music fans might recognise her after recently singing live on stage with the Rolling Stones on their Australian tour.

Gemma is a deeply-respected thought leader known for her unwavering courage and authenticity. One of Australia’s most popular keynote speakers, Gemma has been helping women achieve success in their professional and personal lives. 

If you’re looking to leave your audience feeling motivated and more resilient, Dr Gemma Munro is the speaker you’re looking for. 


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