David Pearl

Travels from: United Kingdom

Helping business and those who lead them be more inspired and inspiring

Categories: Business Speakers, Comedians

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

As a keynote speaker and business guru, David Pearl has helped businesses and leaders to be more inspired and inspiring. Previously working as a performer, writer, director, broadcaster, consultant, experience engineer and advisor to top CEOs, David has extensive experience across a variety of industries. 

David helps businesses and organisations discover what inspires them, how they do what they do, and why they do it. By bringing these ideas to light, David is able to help address how to make them better. David helps his clients to create new ideas, engage innovative people, perform at extraordinary levels, sustain high levels of performance, and embrace the next new idea. 

Teams and leaders who have worked with David walk away feeling more engaged, more communicative, and ready to achieve. 

David’s presentations are engaging, with a focus on audience involvement, imagination, high-levels of energy and humour, as well as practicality and take-away messages. 

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