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Alex Pirouz

Learn from an expert in LinkedIn

With technology and social media constantly updating, businesses need to adapt in order to make the most out of the changes. Alex Pirouz is an expert in this field and shares how both professionals and organisation can leverage social media, in particular LinkedIn, to build an influence, generate leads, secure partnerships and connect.

With over 400 million members, LinkedIn has levelled the playing field, making it easier than ever to connect, find and build relationships with potential prospects.

Recognising the power of LinkedIn and its influence, Alex launched Linkfluencer in 2013, with an aim to change and transform how individuals and companies marketed themselves.

Over the past years, Alex has aided over 14,000 individuals across the globe, equipping them with a 3-step method that is easy to understand and apply.

Alex’s key topic is The Art of Social Selling on LinkedIn, during which he shares the possibilities of LinkedIn whilst giving audiences a clear, actionable plan they can instantly implement to drive results.


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