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Communicate with technology, style and dance

Vospertron create a unique performance for every client, based around themes, staging and projection requirements.  They are able to provide everything from a completely re-developed costume, graphics, choreography and music, a simple logo or slogan insertion, to an existing show from their repertoire.  The technical requirements of Vospertron shows range in complexity, from a simple dark space, to a multi-projector surround sound laser set-up.  Their stunning range of shows include:

  • Tron Stage Shows - A professional dance troupe that specialises in live technological performances.  They create spectacular shows that use interactive projections and glowing costumes, transporting viewers into a fantastical world. Every show they create is customized for its audience.
  • Pixel Stage Shows - Vospertron Pixel costumes are state of the art flexible video screens completely covering the dancers. The colour patterns are sent wirelessly from the control computer so that they are perfectly synchronised with the music, each other and the background graphics.  They can add expressive video face masks, huge dresses or fans tailored to suit the performance.
  • Interactive Character performances bring elegance and fairy-tale like creatures to amaze audiences.  Their storytelling style has been awarded and acclaimed internationally proving a huge success each time with audiences worldwide. Using LED masks with expressive facial animations and digital voice boxes, Vospertron can interact with the audience giving them a unique, inclusive experience of a spectacular light extravaganza.

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