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Corporate Entertainment - Mentalist / Mind-Reading Show

Timothy Hyde, Australia's Magician of the Mind, provides intelligent and astounding entertainment for corporate events. You've heard of Sleight of Hand? Well this is Sleight of Mind! Body Language, intuition & persuasion are combined to take your audience on a hilarious interactive journey of impossibilities. Easily staged, unique corporate friendly entertainment. Read less
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Creative Thinking Keynote

What would it mean for your business if you were given the secret to unleashing a torrent of bright ideas using the resources you already have? If your people became motivated and empowered to solve problems and tackle challenges themselves? If you both discovered how to spot opportunities for business growth and improvement? With a background in innovative business, entertainment and pizazz as a professional magician and creative adult learning techniques, Timothy Hyde, Australia's "Magician of the Mind" will teach you to start "Thinking Like a Magician" Your audience will laugh, learn and be inspired as they are exposed to fresh new content delivered in an entertaining and captivating way, having a great time while they do it! Presented as a keynote or longer 'hands on' breakout activity or workshop your audience will learn simple yet powerful techniques they can put to immediate use in their own business and life. Read less
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Timonthy Hyde

Timothy Hyde is a corporate creativity catalyst and magician who will help you spot opportunities for business growth, unleash a torrent of great ideas using the resources you already have and motivate your people to tackle challenges head on.

With a background in innovative business, entertainment and pizzazz as a professional magician, his unique keynote presentations are informative, empowering and inspiring.

As talented as he is flexible, many corporate clients use Timothy Hyde to deliver powerful keynote addresses, while others engage him to facilitate extended workshops or as a professional, articulate and entertaining MC.

By injecting serious fun and total focus into every event, he inspires people to challenge their own perceptions of what is possible as well as providing simple, practical tools to help achieve immediate results.

Dramatic, fast paced, unique, sophisticated and thought provoking, Timothy uses psychology, body language, unique insights into human behaviour and sleight of mind to accomplish his amazing feats of psychological illusion. Creative thinking, innovation, problem solving and thinking beyond “outside the square” are all explored and challenged.  Timothy’s presentations can be designed specifically as entertainment, a keynote presentation, a workshop or blend.

Timothy Hyde speaks about:

As a conference opener, Timothy will enthuse and excite your audience, introducing the conference themes and concepts in an entertaining way.  He is able to link products and services into his mind-boggling routines, while as a closing speaker he is able to pull the group back together and motivate them to take the lessons and skills learnt during the conference and put them into practice.

As an MC, Timothy uses his skills as a trained magician and dynamic corporate communicator, to transform your next event with his sophisticated mix of business savvy and entertainment pizzazz.

Timothy’s keynote or extended workshop, Thinking Like A Magician keynote presentation provides insight into how magicians think and demonstrates to the audience how to apply these simple concepts to their own business and personal challenges.  Timothy shows audiences how to think way beyond “outside the square” and increase your powers of problem solving and business creativity.

As a magician, Tim will astound your audience as he uses body language, intuition, persuasion and the irresistible foibles of human behaviour.

With over twenty years experience, for a unique after dinner show, conference opener or closer, consider Timothy Hyde is Australia’s Magician of the Mind.

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