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Travels From Tasmania

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Daring to Dream then Riding out the Storm

Discover the story of why two young successful Aussies sacrifice everything to achieve a seemingly impossible dream, to become the first to paddle across the Tasman Sea. In this mind blowing account, Jonesy shares with the audience what life on the Tasman was like, sharing the good, the bad, every lesson learnt, and every wave in between. Read less
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To Hell and Back: A journey across a frozen wasteland

Starting with very limited experience, Cas and Jonesy spent years researching, consulting with international experts, training in the Arctic and NZ, and rehearsing the skills needed to survive in the highest, driest, windiest and coldest place on Earth. On the ice they were pushed to their very limits and almost did not return as Antarctica was a ruthless mistress. Staring at the brink of death and defeat, they were able to methodically refocus and regain control over their fate and ultimately, succeed. The end to this journey will move the stoniest of hearts. Read less
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Justin Jones

The Australian extreme adventurer inspiring audiences around the world

Known affectionately as Jonesy, Justin Jones has made a name for himself as one of Australia’s most extreme adventurers. With over 14 years of pushing boundaries in human endurance, he draws on his experiences across large scale expeditions to inspire audiences as a leading motivational speaker.

Justin and his long-time friend James Castrission Crossed the Ditch in 2008 by paddling 3318km without assistance across the Tasman Sea. Against 10 metre swells, howling winds, and severe food and sleep deprivation, the duo became the first kayakers to cross the Tasman Sea with the longest transoceanic double kayak expedition ever.

Four years later in 2012, the duo made history again by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. After 89 gruelling days, the duo achieved the impossible – walking from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance. A feat not achieved within 100 years of human exploration in the South Pole, they made it back to the coast after having skied 2275km across the harshest environment on Earth. Their expedition Crossing the Ice garnered international acclaim and extensive media attention.

The physical challenge of his expeditions is only matched by the insane logistical puzzle involved beforehand. Over three and a half dedicated years, Justin devised the plans and processes, including the build and design of the kayak, to help prepare for their upcoming expeditions.

He has documented his expeditions in two award-winning documentaries. A masterful producer and director, he also produced a one-hour special for the National Geographic.

Justin is highly regarded as one of Australia’s premier motivational speakers. He has delivered engaging presentations to over 250,000 people around the world, including Australia, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Dubai. His expeditions have given him unique insights into leadership, teamwork, risk management and overcoming adversity.


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