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The Cent of a Woman: How to make cents and capitalise on the rise of the She Economy

It is official. Women have huge purchasing power and this is only set to grow as their earning capacity rises. On top of that, they have enormous influence when it comes to big ticket items. It is a perfect storm for anyone providing goods or services to this market. Yet, companies and businesses across the board fail to capitalise on the golden opportunity presented by the worlds largest buying segment! How many of us understand exactly why women buy? In this keynote: Jacquie will unpack a four point framework to help you meet the needs of this fully mature, ready to go "CENT of a Woman" market. Jacquie helps audiences gauge how prepared (or not) they are to meet the needs of this powerful emerging market, dive deeper into the multiplier effect and uncover how you can refine womens overall experience of your service or product.

Women Driving Leadership: Confessions of a newspaper scribe who survived and thrived in a mans worl

Being a women in a mans world has always been challenging, with journalism a historically tricky industry to break through in. Newspapers in particular are renowned for serving up a unique brand of road blocks for female reporters. Enter Jacquie Hayes, who joined the news print ranks as a cadet journalist on a regional Australian newspaper and, over the next 30 years, not only survived but thrived in the cut and thrust, male dominated world of Sydney metropolitan daily news newspapers. Jacquie knows what it takes for women to win in high pressure environments. Her insights are as entertaining as they are insightful, a salve for women looking for ways to navigate a successful career. Consider this, also, a field guide for both men and women hoping to harness the powerful female force of creativity and productivity.

Jacquie Hayes

Energetic speaker specialising in the mind of the high-net worth female consumer in the luxury market.

Buckle up and settle in for the ride as Jacquie Hayes brings an action-packed perspective to one of the most explosive marketing opportunities in today's economy – women.

As one of Australia's few speakers and panelists to spotlight the issue, her message is clear: businesses which fail to recognise women's purchasing power do so at their peril. The ones who will thrive will be those which go out of their way to help women “feel the love” as consumers.

As a speaker, Jacquie shares her insights on how to sell high-end products or solutions to highnet-worth women. Her message applies to a broad cross-section of audiences including: professional services executives, corporates, stockbrokers, financial planners, real estate agents, car manufacturers and dealerships, business women, retailers, those in startups or tech companies, and women in the market for luxury cars, to name a few.

After a newspaper journalism career spanning 30 years, Jacquie has refined the art of storytelling - and she's got plenty of stories to tell! Importantly, she's also an expert in breaking down the high science of what women want and delivering the latest findings to audiences Her engaging and entertaining style and background see her uniquely positioned to articulate what female consumers want and how brands and businesses can connect with them in meaningful ways.

An inbuilt desire to find out what makes people tick has been ingrained in Jacquie from a young age through a life of global travel, foreign study and living in different cultures. Pairing that with a love of writing and travel and a desire to share what she discovered made journalism a natural fit as a career.

Over the next three decades, she worked through the last of the halcyon days of newspaper journalism, moving up through the ranks of major metro news outfits to positions including Investment Editor on The Australian and Columnist on the Australian Financial Review. The experiences, access and networks which Jacquie enjoyed in her roles - particularly at the AFR where, as a columnist, she wrote on all things of interest to high-net-worth individuals - paved the way for her segue into building her own business.

Jacquie is the founder of Madam Wheels, on online resource to help high-net-worth women into the luxury cars they love, not the ones they're sold, ultimately helping women drive the dream Jacquie is sassy, spirited and switched on.

A natural storyteller and people-person, she engages easily with a range of audiences. Part motivation, part inspirational, part science, Jacquie's keynotes and panel discussions reflect her irrepressible energy and passion for the subjects closest to her heart – women and luxury.

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