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An interactive workshop that encourages communication and trust

MusoMagic provides an innovative, outstanding workshop and program that will unite, engage, motivate and empower your group through the magic of song.

Tailored to meet designated objectives and themes, the process involves open communication, negotiation, compromise and trust – the main ingredients to any successful relationship – all facilitated in a creative, fun and safe environment. The tangible result is not only a brilliant song and video clip, but, most importantly, a group that is united under a common banner of shared values and goals.

Using music as the powerful and unifying medium that it is, the MusoMagic experience leads groups through activities designed to lift them out of their comfort zones in the bonding process of creating a song that reflects shared themes and values.

The intangible outcomes can be long lasting and invaluable – increased respect for self and others, more open communication amongst team members and co-workers or students and a refreshed sense of engagement within the workplace. There is a strong sense of achievement, pride and self-empowerment that enhances all aspects of life.

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