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Hear from a communications expert on how to win trust

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Holding over ten years of experience in influencer marketing, Jane Anderson is a communication expert. She has worked with over 14,000 individuals on building more trust within their businesses and brands, including some of the biggest companies in the world such as Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy. 

Currently, Jane sits as a faculty member at the Thought Leaders Business School, mentoring some of Australia’s leading experts in their field. 

In both 2014 and 2016, Jane was nominated for the Telstra Women's Business Awards.  

As an author, Jane regularly publishes a blog, which was voted in the top 25 branding blogs globally. She has also released four books, including 'Influencer: The 12 Secrets to Explode your List’, ‘Sky-Rocket your Leads’ and ‘Supercharge your Visibility'.  

Holding impressive wisdom on the topics of branding, communication and success, Jane is regularly showcased on many media platforms including Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She also hosts a podcast titled 'The Jane Anderson Brand You Show'. 

As a speaker, Jane is passionate about increasing audience’s knowledge on the topics of business, communications, leadership and innovation. 

Speaker Topics

Communicating with Influence and Trust
More than ever customers and industry partners want to work with someone who they can have absolute faith in. In this presentation, participants will identify the 4 key skills to amplify their influence, personal brand and trust to retain, attract and engage their ideal clients.
Executive Influence
In a fast and disruptive world, senior executives are forced to cut-through the noise more than ever. In this interactive session, participants will identify the 4 key contributors of influence, personal brand and how to leverage them most for the organisation and their personal success.
LinkedIn for Influence and Lead Generation
The old ways of doing business have changed. Waiting for the phone to ring no longer cuts it. This is a super practical, interactive and fun session where participants learn how to gain more control over their business. They will learn how to leverage their LinkedIn profile and personal brand for business growth and lead generation in less than 7 minutes per day!
Social Media for Influence and Trust
Social Media has levelled the playing field. With the average person spending 2 hours per day on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, the connection economy is a key part to growing your business. In this fun, practical and insightful presentation, Jane gives the simple 3 steps to growing your following, personal brand, leads and engagement online.
The Industry Influencer
We’re more connected than ever and today your personal brand, positioning and personality are the new collaterals for business growth. In this interactive and practical session, participants will learn the 4 key activities to grow their influence, impact and income.
Women of Influence
With more than 60% of new businesses being started by women, pay gaps and less women in senior roles, women have confronted more challenges than most in the new world of business. In this practical and engaging session, participants will learn about their personal brand and the 4 specific key contributors to increase their influence and confidence in their businesses and careers.


"Jane is one of the most valuable speakers on Lead Generation and the value of LinkedIn. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak last year - she was clear, practical, and gave insights into the power of LinkedIn. I subsequently bought her book CONNECT and have implemented many of her recommendations. The result - a significant increase in my global network within my industry which has led to valuable working relationships. I post with more confidence and have had exponential engagement with my network."

Andrea Shepperson

"We had Jane come and talk to us about ‘Personal Branding.’ She truly is a leader in this field. Her knowledge, energy, and engagement is a real crowd pleaser. Jane has a clear message that is fun and entertaining. The feedback from our members after the event was fantastic."

Adam Leishman

"Jane is quite simply a global expert on how to cut through all the noise about social media and how to gain clarity on the most efficient and effective online strategies to achieve your goals. That's what impressed me most - Jane's focus (both as a mentor and as an engaging conference keynote speaker) is on tailoring the right approach for each of her clients and not a 'cookie-cutter' approach. Refreshingly authentic and has given me clear direction and confidence in my online influencing strategies."

David Penglase Speaker

Jane Anderson - Social Media

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