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Tim Pethick

From accountant to branding innovator, reshaping Australian marketing with ventures like the ‘nudie’ fruit drinks

Tim Pethick, a former chartered accountant turned innovative entrepreneur, has left a lasting impact on the business world. His journey began with a strategic shift from auditing to management consulting, aiding his deep understanding of industries and businesses. Despite initial setbacks, including a failed venture in rental video advertising, Tim’s career soared as he delved into technology projects, and eventually leading marketing initiatives for Microsoft Network.

In late 2002, Tim founded the infamous juice brand, nudie, originating from his passion of innovative branding. Within 2.5yrs, he had built nudie into a business turning over more than $18 million a year, and received recognition as one of the top 10 most influential brands in the Asia Pacific region. Nudie disrupted the market with its ‘super premium’ bottled fresh fruit juice and unconventional marketing tactics, setting a new standard for consumer engagement. Tim’s business was built in a marketplace dominated by a few, very large players, and yet the nudie product became ubiquitous.

Tim’s story has received high praise from countless businesses for his key lessons about how to make connections with customers through an innovative emotional branding strategy. His philosophy is cantered around customers, and encouraging disruptive thinking. By prioritising customer needs and leveraging insights, Tim shows businesses how to create transformative experiences and drive success in today’s competitive environment.

In 2005, Tim stepped aside from his daily involvement with the business and is now an entrepreneur and brand guru, working on the launch of various new brands and businesses. Tim has since helped launch a new superannuation brand, Max Super, as well as a female lifestyle brand, Joy Herbal. Also working as a partner in the virtual p.a. and lifestyle management business, Sym Metra PA.

Tim’s advocacy for innovation extends beyond business, addressing societal challenges and retaining creative talent. He aims to elevate Australia’s creative output, positioning the country as a global leader in marketing and innovation. Tim is a highly sought-after speaker, covering topics on branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He has also made appearances every Sunday on ‘My Business TV’ on the Channel 7 network with David Koch. 

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