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Mike Rolls - Motivational Speakers - Motivational Speaker, Author, Facilitator

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Amputate Dead Weight

Mike personal experiences with Amputation and how the thought process of these experiences can apply and positively benefit each of us in everyday situations. This keynote will deliver Mikes very own formula of simplification that leads to greater personal and professional success. Read less
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Prepare, Survive and Thrive

Hear Mikes personal account of facing death, overcoming tremendous odds, and how we can use adversarial experiences as a springboard into a life of greater meaning and deeper personal success. Read less
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Walk Your Talk

Using his own personal experiences, Mike will teach audiences how we can strengthen and increase our ability to reach lofty goals, how to handle setbacks and embrace challenges. Read less
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Mike Rolls

Motivational Speaker, Author, Facilitator

Mike Roll, an expert in resilience, holds believes in the power of simplicity – that less truly is more. This quote forms the essence of his work as a motivational speaker.

In a pivotal moment in September 2001, at the age of 18, Mike's life underwent a profound transformation. During an end-of-season football trip, he contracted Meningococcal Septicemia, one of the deadliest diseases known. The rapid infection resulted in severe internal and external injuries, leading to multiple amputations.

With survival odds as low as 5%, Mike's family faced the heartbreaking dread of saying goodbye multiple times as he fought for his life. Over the next six months in the hospital, he received the news that even basic tasks like walking and driving could take years to regain, and the possibility of participating in sports seemed close to none.

Mike's journey to recovery was marked by a positive mindset, adaptability, and a deliberate choice to embrace challenges and change. His determination to lead a fulfilling life shines through in achievements such as resuming running, representing Australia in golf, scaling one of the country's tallest buildings, and fervently supporting fellow amputees facing similar challenges.

Central to Mike's resilience-building method is the concept of "Ditching the Dead Weight" – a simple yet highly effective approach. It encourages individuals to evaluate their lives and eliminate anything deemed 'optional,' viewing it as 'actionable.'

Drawing from personal adversity and extensive research on resilience, Mike crafts presentations and programs that not only challenge and educate but also entertain and inspire. His audiences gain practical strategies to navigate life's challenges, whether minor setbacks or major crises.

With a background in the health industry, qualifications as a counselor, and a strong communication skill set, Mike actively supports amputee charity Limbs 4 Life. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for Interplast Australia and New Zealand and Ossur.

As an emerging professional speaker, Mike motivates and inspires audiences to aim for greatness in all aspects of their lives. He firmly believes in the untapped power within each individual, urging people never to underestimate their capabilities. Mike doesn't just preach his message – he lives it, serving as a living testament to the transformative power of resilience.


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