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A New Way of Prospecting: Ignite you sales teams potential with a fresh mindset and new strategies

Kaley brings her highly engaging and motivating presentations, giving your team practical strategies for making more and much deeper connections that will lead to greater engagement, stronger relationships and ultimately, more business! Your sales team will have an entirely new paradigm to operate in, one in which they do not let their comfort zone, past performance, fear of rejection or limiting beliefs hold them back from achieving their goals. At the same time, they will be more authentic in their approach to building strategic connections and winning new clients. Read less
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Bye Shy, Fly High: Overcome your shyness forever

Whether you have recently arrived in Australia and do not yet have a network or whether you have been here all your life and have struggled to connect, this inspiring presentation will show you how to be more confident, step out of your comfort zone, connect with new people and new opportunities, to ultimately transform and enrich your life. Read less
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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Change Your Destiny and Unleash Your Hidden Potential

For many of us, connecting with strangers is challenging and perhaps a little scary. Kaley will show you how every stranger, every new connection is a door to opportunities you never thought possible. Her methodology will help you re evaluate your self talk, overcome limiting beliefs and move forward into a much more fulfilling life. No matter what your goals or objectives, Kaley shares her journey, inspiring you to achieve your full potential, turn the ordinary into extraordinary and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Read less
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Kaley Chu

The remarkable author behind ‘100 Lunches with Strangers’

With corporate experience as the Business Development Manager at Equi Wealth, Kaley Chu has built on her career as a brilliant author and speaker passionate about developing professional relationships. She is best known as the author of the best-selling and widely regarded book ‘100 Lunches with Strangers’. 

Originally shy and insecure, Kaley was called to action after an embarrassing experience in 2018. Recognising that she had to change, Kaley embarked on a remarkable challenge to overcome her shyness by having lunch with 100 complete strangers. She documented her journey in her published book, exploring how she grew her confidence and transformed her own life.

Kaley continues to inspire Australians to step out of their comfort zone, connect with people, and live a more fulfilled life. She has made regular appearances in the media, including a TEDx Talk, features in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, as well as various radio stations across the country.

Described as one of the freshest new faces on the motivational speaking circuit, Kaley is a thought leader who connects with audiences with her down-to-earth personality. She has delivered empowering presentations to all kinds of audiences, including entrepreneurs, franchisees and seasoned sales professionals, inspiring them to rethink their networking strategies. 

Delivered in her authentic style, Kaley cuts through the corporate hype to deliver a high-energy presentation with passion and humour. She challenges her audience to take the initiative and step out of their comfort zone by taking immediate action that achieves real and long-lasting results.


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