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John Mulvey

Inspiration, Motivation, Communication

A well-respected business development consultant, life performance coach and successful author, John Mulvey has done it all and is ready to share his tip and tricks to improve any business.

As a certified Neuro-linguistic Programmer (NLP) practitioner, John incorporates his background into his professional speaking to ensure a presentation that is dynamic, insightful and inspirational. His message resonates with audiences and aids with the achievement of their dreams.

He has spoken nationally and internationally as an acclaimed Master of Ceremonies to many large corporations including, ICI Dulex, Capral, the University of Queensland, Woolworths, CSR, VACC Insurance, Smiths Snack Foods, Brisbane Airport Corporation, St George Bank, Virgin, Incitec, QIC, Enertrade, Stanwell Corporation as well as Queensland Government Departments.

Mulvey’s background also consists of sales, marketing and management which helps him to connect with audiences and show them how to enhance productivity.

John Mulvey’s role stems from the reading, observation, listening and experience of every individual which creates an atmosphere that is conductive to long lasting learning and skills. He enables people with the tools to be themselves, promoting harmony and acceptance.

He specialises in multiple areas including:

  • Assertiveness and attitude
  • Coaching one-on-one and its effects
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improving customer service
  • Basic course in communication – building relationships and listening
  • Effective communications – delivering and receiving clear communication
  • E-mail communication – the importance of clarity
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • Juggling – the right brain exercise and a fun activity combined
  • The different styles of leadership and the effective outcomes
  • Proactive listening
  • Improving memory
  • Motivating staff members
  • Negotiation
  • Presentation skills – overcoming fear and getting messages across
  • The principles of management
  • Public speaking
  • How to give and receive recognition
  • How to get and deserve referrals
  • Role plays – industry specific
  • Selling your skills
  • Team building
  • Telephone courtesy
  • Time management

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