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Jane Huxley

Managing Director of Spotify Europe, Middle East and Africa

Jane Huxley is the former Managing Director of Spotify Australia and current Managing Director of Spotify Europe, Middle East and Africa. She is responsible for developing and executing strategic plans that combine the company’s global efforts with the nuances of the local markets.

Drawing on 25 years of experience in strategic business, marketing, change management and sales, Jane is passionate about her work at Spotify, bringing free streaming music to people around the world which can be customised to suit each listener.

Having previously worked as CEO and Publisher for the Digital Division (Metropolitan) at Fairfax Media, Jane worked to lead the product, mobile, video and online business approaches as well as oversaw the online technology, creative, marketing and online editorial divisions.

During her career, Jane has also held senior positions at some of the largest national and international technology lifestyle brands and initiatives, such as Microsoft, Vodafone and Earth Hour. She worked across technical, sales and marketing arms of the businesses.

Jane holds many marketing and business qualifications, is also a Graduate (GAICD) of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and also holds a degree in Change Management from AGSM.

Jane is passionate about people and team development. She strongly believes that if you get the people and the rhythm right, business results will follow closely behind. 

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