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Jamie Fitzgerald

The New Zealand adventurer helping organisations achieve the impossible

Jamie Fitzgerald draws on his love of adventure to push boundaries and strive for success. With an extensive professional history, he imparts strategies for high-performance to help global organisations go above and beyond.

In 2007, Jamie made history as the first ever Kiwi to reach the South Pole unsupported by foot. Joined by fellow adventurer Kevin Biggar, the duo embarked on a massive 52-day expedition that attracted the interests of global media outlets. He continues to push beyond his physical limitations as a decorated New Zealand rower, holding the world record for rowing 5000km across the Atlantic Ocean in a small rowboat. 

Outside of his expeditions, Jamie employs the same adventurous philosophy across his professional career. His strategies for success have helped him across marketing, finance, agriculture and education. Having improved the bottom-line performance as a bank manager, Jamie also used the same strategies to build a successful farm-fencing business. 

With no shortage of theories and real-life examples, Jamie draws on personal anecdotes to bring his advice to life. His expertise on leadership development, strategy implementation and effective organisations have made him a popular speaker among all kinds of organisations, including with Rugby New Zealand in 2011.

He has presented to all kinds of audiences around the world, inspiring hundreds of thousands to deal with uncertainty, work together in teams, and achieve their professional goals.

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