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Glenn Singleman & Heather Swan

Managing risk and controlling fear as Australia’s most adventurous duo

The Australian power couple Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan inspire audiences with captivating adventure stories. Their keynote presentations explore the human potential for peak performance, including practical strategies for understanding your brain and controlling fear.

An adventure at heart, Glenn has led expeditions to some of the most remote locations on the planet, including to the Mariana Trench in 2012 alongside Hollywood director James Cameron. As a practicing doctor, he has also provided medical support for other expeditions, including as the medical director for the 2014 Antarctic Expedition to the Bay of Whales.

Glenn continues to be a prolific and highly acclaimed adventure documentarian, having also produced films for National Geographic International like the critically-acclaimed BASEClimb.

When Heather started wingsuit flying alongside her husband in 2000, she was a PR executive with no background in thrill-seeking adventure. But having put Glenn’s theories of peak performance to the test, the pair were able to climb and fly from the highest cliff in the world. Heather continues to build on her adventuring career as a high-altitude mountaineer and wingsuit BASE jumper, documenting her experiences as a best-selling author and professional photographer.

The best wingsuit pilots in Australia, Glenn and Heather hold multiple records, including the highest BASE jump and the highest Wingsuit BASE jump. They hold over 1000 wingsuit flights each, and have been featured on Australian media programs like 60 Minutes and Australian Story. They are also recipients of many prestigious awards, including Australian Geographic Society’s ‘Spirit of Adventure Award’ for excellence.

As keynote speakers, both Glen and Heather engage audiences with exciting adventure stories. Heather’s journey from novice to a world record holder provides valuable insight into understanding irrational fear, managing risk and achieving peak performance.

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