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Glenn Singleman

Putting theories on peak performance and scientific risk management to the test as a professional adventurer

Dr Glenn Singleman has been wowing audiences around the world with his incredible adventure stories. He draws on his experiences to bring to life important topics on achieving peak performance, understanding the mind, controlling irrational fear and striving for success.

Glenn and his wife Heather have set multiple records in a range of extreme sports, including the highest BASE jump and the highest wingsuit BASE jump at a dizzying 6672 metre height of the Himalayan mountains. Known as Australia’s best wingsuit pilots, they boast an impeccable safety record with over 1000 wingsuit flights each. 

They are the recipients of several prestigious awards, including the ‘Spirit of Adventure Award’ for excellence by the Australian Geographic Society. Their careers have also been featured across Australian media, including on Australian Story and 60 Minutes.

As a practicing medical doctor, Glenn has also travelled to the most remote corners of the planet, producing many acclaimed films with National Geographic International. BASEClimb, his multi award-winning adventure documentary, remains the gold standard within the genre.

Glenn has also worked on four projects with Hollywood director James Cameron, including Cameron’s personal expedition to the Mariana Trench in 2012. As a key member of the Deep Sea Challenge Expedition, Glenn helped the team achieve the deepest solo submersible dive ever.

Shortly after in 2014, Glenn travelled on the Antarctic Expedition as the resident medical director to the Bay of Whales. He continues to lead ground-breaking expeditions with his combined expertise as a medical doctor and adventurer, taking teams to the most extreme locations on Earth.

Glenn puts his theories into execution, researching the limits of personal peak performance and scientific risk management. He strongly believes the two are intrinsically linked, and are at the core of health, happiness and success.

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