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Daryl Elliott Green - Motivational Speakers - TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, an incredible stor ...

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Brave decisions – evaluate tough choices and make decisions you and others will live with

Each of us will eventually find ourselves confronted with a challenging decision in our personal lives, at work or even on the sporting field. Sometimes there’s only a split second to react but the decisions we make can have life altering consequences. A simple, robust process to subvert panic, fear and procrastination can enable you to make smart decisions, stick by them and feel good about your actions afterwards. This is a skill you can acquire and hone. Daryl demonstrates how to make brave decisions while remaining calm, prioritising and evaluating options, acting decisively and staying the course under the most extreme circumstances. Read less
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Courageous conversations – say the right thing and follow up

We’ve all experienced anxiety and stress before a difficult conversation either personally or professionally. The easy road is to not have them! The smarter road is to summon the courage to hold the conversation, but not before preparation, planning, understanding the range of possible consequences and setting the desired outcomes. Daryl explains how to have ‘courageous conversations’, say the right thing and importantly, have the follow up conversation. He showcases the amazing benefits ‘courageous conversations’ can bring to individuals, teams and organisations. Read less
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Leadership – lead others through a firestorm

Leading others is a learned skill and few people are ‘natural born leaders’. Great leadership, even for the naturals, is hard work. It requires being the stellar example, building trust, earning and showing respect, putting the led before the leader and always going the extra mile to inspire others to higher performance while demonstrating genuine care for them. This style of leadership can realise incredible tangible and intangible benefits. Getting the most out of people and teams is important at any time, but as Daryl shows, it’s critical in high pressure situations where clear and strong leadership can dramatically alter outcomes in your favour. Read less
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Resilience – survive, rise and thrive in difficult situations

Events can occur that we have no control over bringing uncertainty, disruption, even chaos and devastation. In these times, the smart way forward is firstly to get through and survive the crisis. Next accept what has happened. Then take positive, proactive steps, one day at a time, adapting to any setbacks along the way, to lead to a better and brighter future. In dramatic fashion, Daryl demonstrates how even the most challenging changes can make us stronger, wiser and more resilient, and can drive people, teams and organisations onto great success. Read less
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Daryl Elliott Green

TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, an incredible story of bravery, courage, and resilience

In the early hours of 1 May 2000, Constable Daryl Elliott Green was on a routine job in a suburban neighbourhood when he was ambushed and TWICE SHOT in the face and shoulder. In the heat of the moment, despite critical injuries, Daryl instinctively drew his firearm and started searching for the gunman while protecting injured colleagues and residents.

For his actions that night, Daryl received the highest police award for bravery and a citation from Australia’s Governor General. Yet Daryl’s real story – one so harrowing it will keep your audience on the edge of their seats – was only just beginning. 

Even though some of his darkest days lay ahead, Daryl was actually on a remarkable journey of healing and introspection which would ultimately teach him some of life’s greatest lessons. Daryl returned to the police and over the next 20 years was promoted three times and he also challenged himself to overcome his greatest fear – guns!

Daryl’s journey will captivate you 

With an intuitive gift for professional speaking, Daryl retells his incredible saga with energy, humour and optimism. His authenticity connects with people from all walks of life and his story demonstrates that when pushed to our limits, the capabilities of the human spirit – bravery, courage and resilience – reside in us all.

TWICE SHOT talks are designed to make your teams and leaders bullet proof!

Daryl achieves this by showing how to develop individual and organisational resilience, foster two-way open communication between leaders and the led, build a strong leadership skillset, and most importantly, make brave decisions under pressure.

Delivered face to face or virtually, each talk is customised to suit your audience. They include audio of the shooting, 2D schematics of the incident, crime scene photos, the offender’s profile and 3D computer modelling of Daryl’s facial reconstruction.

Watch Daryl as he re-enacts the night he was shot and his extraordinary bravery as the terrifying events unfold. Be transfixed as he recounts his journey of recovery, his multiple surgeries, his psychological battles, his return to policing, and amazingly how he overcame his fear of guns by becoming a firearms instructor. Plus, many more twists in his remarkable journey of turning gunshot trauma into a life of triumph.

In 2018, Daryl was honoured as a Lifeline Ambassador and has received multiple accolades from Professional Speakers Australia for his powerful keynote speaking.

Daryl’s inspiring story is one your audience will not forget… 

‘It was easily one of the best (keynotes) I’ve seen – moving, informative and very entertaining… If you have an opportunity to see his presentation live don’t miss it.’

Ian Chappell, Australian Cricket Captain 1971-1975

Key points about Daryl

  • TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, Daryl underwent more than a dozen facial reconstructive surgeries over 7 years, while battling severe depression and chronic PTSD.
  • Awarded the Queensland Police Service’s Valour Award – their highest accolade for bravery – in 2001.
  • Featured in Australian Story documentary, episode title May Day in 2002.
  • Won the Professional Speakers Australia scholarship for best emerging talent in 2015, and their Breakthrough Speaker of the Year award in 2019.
  • Received a Group Bravery Citation from Australia’s Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove in 2015.
  • Honoured as a Lifeline Ambassador in 2018.

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