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45 To Thrive - It Will Change Your Life!

Change Your Story - Change Your Life

One of the biggest challenges women face today is a lack of confidence. Lack of confidence is the reason we stay in jobs we don’t like or stay in toxic relationships or the reason we don’t ask for that promotion or pay rise. In this keynote, Colleen encourages women to start building real confidence so that they put their hands up for promotions, walk into a board room and kill it with confidence. Read less
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Confidence, Connection, Control and Calm

Culture Starts At The Top

Colleen believes that an organisation's most significant competitive advantage is its people and the culture and environment they create. In this keynote, she explains why, as leaders, it is our job to create cultures and environments that allow people to shine. Read less
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Find Your Superpower

Get Off the Train to Burnout Town!

How To Build and Live with Real Confidence

Kindness is the new currency for leaders

For many years, kindness wasn't the first word that came to mind when speaking of great leadership and was instead seen as a weakness. In this keynote, Colleen challenges that thought and demonstrates how kindness is the new superpower for leaders. She believes it is a new form of currency that can be traded for loyalty, commitment, and high performance. Read less
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Leader By Design

Leadership starts with self, and we need to be leading in our own lives before we can lead anyone else. To Colleen, leadership is not a title, power, level of authority, size of your office, or the size of your salary. Over time, she has learnt that these trappings do not automatically qualify a person for leadership and that you don't even need a title to be a leader. Instead, everyone has the ability to become a 'Leader By Design', to become the leader they always wanted to be and the leader they always wanted to follow. Read less
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Leadership Is a Lifestyle Choice

People Before Profit

A firm follower of the people-first approach, Colleen believes that leaders need to create environments where people feel connected, where their work matters, where they can contribute and feel part of something greater. Read less
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The Foundations of Great Leadership

The three foundations of great leadership are self-awareness, values and purpose, no matter where you are on your leadership journey. When we're clear on our purpose, we can create a vision for the future, set the right goals and plans, and take the proper steps to create the life we want and the one we deserve. Read less
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The Power of People

The Power of Self

Colleen Callander

Award-Winning CEO, Author and Founder of Mentor Me Women

Born and raised in Geelong (Australia), Colleen is the former CEO of Sportsgirl, inspirational speaker and business and leadership coach. She has a wealth of knowledge earned from thirteen years of experience as a CEO and a proven track record in brand growth strategies.

The Founder of Mentor Me Women, she works alongside women from all generations, coaching and encouraging them to believe in themselves, their ability and their voice. She empowers them to lead in their own lives, whether in boardrooms, organisations, communities, or homes. Together, Colleen wants to start a new era of leadership, one that leads with kindness, humility and self-awareness.

Having been raised in a hard-working, business-focused family, she believes her upbringing and the influence of both of her parents have played a significant role in the woman and leader she is today.

Colleen enjoyed working from an early age, and she landed her first retail gig at the age of sixteen at her local Just Jeans store. This would be the start of a retail career spanning over thirty years. At twenty years old, Colleen became one of the youngest area managers in the group and was responsible for sixteen stores. Four years later, her hard work paid off. She was promoted to Victorian sales manager, overseeing three area managers and 54 stores.  

In 1999, Colleen was invited to join Sportsgirl, a brand she loved and had grown up with, and where she would spend twenty years of her retail career.

Despite her success, the path wasn't always smooth sailing. After suffering from burnout in 2007, she took a break from her career and learnt firsthand the power of self-care and putting herself first to stay on top of her health and life. Using her personal experience, Collen wants to encourage all women to take care of themselves. She is a firm believer that when we put people first, profits follow.

Using lessons learnt from a thirty-year career, Colleen has created simple tools and strategies to empower women and help them navigate through challenges, live with purpose, and lead their own lives with confidence.

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