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Carren Smith - Motivational Speakers - A powerhouse of positivity and success, Carren insĀ ...

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Inspired From the Inside Out

Carren shares her personal story intimately. She delivers the insights of the mindset she has gained as a result of triumphing over the trauma which threatened to take her life. As a survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombing along with many other challenges which include the suicide of her De Facto and the personal impact of the 2004 Tsunami on her family. Carren takes you from her lowest low to her highest of highs, diving deep into what it took to rise beyond the call of depression and self destruction. In this presentation, Carren leaves you with practical, tangible and take home tips which encourage a more dynamic view on the meaning of life and our purpose for being here. This presentation is highly interactive, entertaining and inspirational and has been one of Carrens most frequently requested keynote presentations. Read less
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Leaders Fast Trak!

Discover everything you have NEVER heard about Stress Management, Self Confidence, a Make it Happen Mindset, Powerful NETWORKING, real life relationships, work/life balance, communication, conflict resolution, courage, contribution and cash flow and so much more! Bust the myths about leadership and lean how to BE a Leader of hearts and minds, CREATE exponential results and REACH more people with your vision. Read less
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Makeover Your Mindset and Start Making a Difference!

Live life with passion, purpose and fulfilment. Discover the recipe for really contributing and making a difference in a MASSIVE WAY! Have the REAL YOU revealed and LOVE being naked! Read less
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The Effortless Self!

Dive deep into your thoughts, habits, beliefs and patterns to reveal the unconscious levers holding you back. Learn to release your grip on relationships allowing yourself and others the freedom to expand. Create a new and powerful relationship with time and money resulting in MORE of both Read less
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The Magic Formula for Magnetic Marketing

Carren shares a simple formula for captivating your market Discover the communication strategies used by Masterful Marketers. Embrace the magic of leveraging your time Read less
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The Top 3 Secrets to Successful Negotiating

Learn how your Authenticity will make you an Authority in your field Discover the steps to Powerful Persuasion. Learn how to get what you want, by sharing what others need Read less
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Three Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Keeps Them Cash Strapped and Stressed Out!

Avoid the mistakes which have toppled even the giants in business. Discover the Formula for creating MASSIVE results. Dodge the competition traps that you never see coming Read less
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Carren Smith

A powerhouse of positivity and success, Carren inspires transformation and a new way of thinking

Carren Smith has helped people across the globe transform their businesses and their lives. Using a unique approach to self leadership, Carren helps her clients and audiences find their own clarity, passion and action to produce results. 

Delivering over 2000 presentations in 7 years, Carren has moved indivudals and companies across the globe, encouraging transformations and producing results!

Having experienced the 2002 Bali Bombings first-hand and the suicide of her de-facto, Carren speaks openly and honestly about her own journey and the shift in focus she made that changed her mindset

Carren now is passionate about helping others find their own voice, discover their message and breakthrough the distinctions of purpose, integrity and congruence!

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