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Limitless Vision: A Limited Life to A Limitless Life

After losing his vision at such a young age, Ben made a conscious decision to never allow his visual impairment impact his life or hole him back. Using a step by step process, he inspires audiences to aspire, action and achieve a big, audacious goal, a 'Limitless Vision'. Read less
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True Vision: What You See is Not What You Get

Speaking openly and honestly about his experiences, Ben shares how he discovered True Vision, a mindset allowing anyone to see things from the inside out rather than the outside in. Audiences learn how to discover, understand and apply True Vision to every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Read less
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Ben Pettingill

Empowering audiences to take control of their lives in the face of adversity

Experiencing a sudden loss of 98% of one's eyesight overnight is an unimaginable reality for most individuals, but for Ben Pettingill, this became a stark truth at the age of 16. Unpredictably, he confronted extreme adversity due to a rare genetic syndrome that took everyone by surprise. The abrupt transition was monumental, presenting challenges of various shapes and sizes.

For Ben, the journey involved not only building resilience but also discovering a new perspective and understanding the crucial role of a strong support network. Navigating from initial denial of the situation to embracing and taking ownership of his new reality became essential. This transformation empowered him to choose a focus on possibilities and opportunities rather than dwelling on loss and difficulty.

Ben actively shares his incredibly powerful messages with audiences across the country. Beyond his motivational speaking, he can also be described as an adrenaline junkie, engaging in waterski racing, obstacle course races, and motorcycle riding. Serving as a living example, Ben emphasizes that the most significant limit in life is often one's own mindset and choices.

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