Tiffiny Hall

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Australia’s most famous ninja.

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Tiffiny Hall is one of Australia’s well-known personalities and enjoys empowering the younger generation through anti-bullying programs and self-defence classes. She is also a keen motivational speaker for corporate businesses and can deliver active health seminars for business athletes.

Studying martial arts for over 20 years, Tiffiny has always held a special place in her heart for taekwondo. As a daughter of an Olympic Taekwondo coach, she has participated in ten national titles and currently teaches in her taekwondo school ‘Halls Taekwondo’. She also uses the knowledge and her skills learnt to author children’s novels of which she infuses with martial arts.

Tiffiny also holds a Bachelor of Arts/Media and Communications and a Diploma of Modern Languages (French) from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Certificate lll and lV in Fitness and is currently completing her Diploma of Sports with a specialisation in martial arts.

For the past five years, Hall has been working within the television industry. She was involved in the remake of Gladiators and starred as athlete Gladiator Angel and presented her own health and lifestyle segment on The Circle. She has also appeared on Kids’ WB, Fox8, Today Tonight, Sunrise, The Project, ABC, Love to Share and Nickelodeon.

Tiffiny is an avid health-professional and has been a personal trainer to Chrissie Swan. She has always been nicknamed ‘Health Ninja’ and it wasn’t long before she was hired by The Biggest Loser as a trainer on the program. She was a trainer for two of the series, of which she won the first series and earned a Logie nomination for Most Popular New Female Talent.

When not involved in television, Tiffiny is authoring many novels from health books to young adult novels. In 2008, she released the book ‘How to create the ultimate body’, three years later ‘Weight loss Warrior’ hit stores and in 2012 both ‘Fat loss for Good’ and her cookbook ‘Lighten Up’ proved best-sellers. In 2012, she also released ‘White Ninja’, the first novel in her Roxy Ran trilogy which includes ‘Red Samurai’ and ‘Black Warrior’.

Holding multiple titles under her belt, Tiffiny Hall is sure to inspire and motivate any audience to be the best they can be. She can engage and transform every individual in the room and speaks openly and honesty about her success. 

Tiffiny Hall - Motivational Speakers

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