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Equipping audiences with tools to overcome any challenge and embrace change

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Even when facing adversity head-on, Stacey Copas still thinks positively and now shares her wisdom with audiences. She uses the idea that the reaction to the situation will affect the overall outcome.

After being involved in a dreadful accident that left her a quadriplegic and wheelchair dependant, Stacey picked herself up and set out to achieve whatever she could. From running for parliament to training those with disabilities in developing countries, Stacey never let her wheelchair hold her back from success.  

She utilised her real-life experiences and personal values to become Australia’s Number 1 keynote speaker and facilitator on resilience and turning adversity into an asset. Copas has delivered keynote speeches, training programs, and consulted and coached some of Australia’s large organisations including Telstra, South East Water and the CSRIO.

Stacey has also written and published a largely endorsed book titled ‘How To Be Resilient’ which has also been featured across multiple media including the Financial Review, ABC Radio and The Australian.

Recently, Copas has been involved in athletics and became the first woman in her classification to compete within Australia.

Stacey Copas can speak to any audience and leaves them feeling inspired and motivated. She can engage and equip the audience with the tools to see them overcome any challenge and embrace change and adversity. Copas also aims to improve decision-making skills and stop excuses.

Stacey’s most popular keynote presentation is titled ‘How To Be Resilient and Find Opportunities In Change and Adversity. During this presentation, she shares with the audience how she discovered success from adversity and introduces simple strategies which can be applied to every area in life. Her objectives for the presentations include:

  • Challenge every participant to put things in their lives in perspective
  • Show how a positive approach to change and adversity brings companies a competitive edge
  • Provide strategies that examine how individuals are responsible for the way they respond to change
  • Provide tips and tricks for focussing and empowerment even whilst outside of  comfort zones
  • Inspire the audience to think larger

Speaker Topics

How To Be Resilient and Find The Opportunities In Change and Adversity
Things go wrong. It is just a matter of when, not if. How you respond to change and adversity determines your level of success. In this session Stacey shares her story of succeeding from adversity filled with quick and simple strategies you can apply to be your best in all areas of life, no matter what goes wrong along the way. She challenges the audience to put things into perspective and shows how a positive approach to adversity and change can be a competitive advantage. Stacey provides practical strategies that demonstrate that audiences hold the key to the way they respond to change and adversity as well as tips for feeling focused and empowered even when they are well outside of their comfort zones


Stacey Copas reminded us that change can be an empowering experience, and that opportunities often arise when challenges are met with resilience and a positive attitude. Her presentation style was warm and engaging, and in telling her personal story she illustrated to us that we always have a choice – it’s what we do with it that makes a difference. She left us with some simple but invaluable tips on resilience – and if anyone has the authority to speak on this topic it’s Stacey!


Stacey is truly an inspirational speaker combining her deep expertise with humility and a wonderfully warm and engaging style. Stacey is a strong role-model of the mindset and tools that she has developed to make it possible to “be your best”.

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Stacey Copas - Motivational Speakers

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