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Amputate Dead Weight

Mike personal experiences with Amputation and how the thought process of these experiences can apply and positively benefit each of us in everyday situations. This keynote will deliver Mikes very own formula of simplification that leads to greater personal and professional success.

Prepare, Survive and Thrive

Hear Mikes personal account of facing death, overcoming tremendous odds, and how we can use adversarial experiences as a springboard into a life of greater meaning and deeper personal success.

Walk Your Talk

Using his own personal experiences, Mike will teach audiences how we can strengthen and increase our ability to reach lofty goals, how to handle setbacks and embrace challenges.

Mike Rolls

Using 'proactive resilience' to overcome life-altering obstacles 

Mike Rolls is an inspirational man whose passion lies in the idea of ‘proactive resilience’. The method of adapting simple strategies in the present which can improve the ability to power through challenges that must be faced in the future, resonated with Mike and helped him achieved and get through more than he thought.

In September 2001, at the mere age of 18 and whilst on a football trip, Mike was diagnosed with the deadly Meningococcal Virus. He was given a five percent chance of surviving the virus and thus suffered from extensive injuries and had to have a double below-knee amputation.

His journey back to health took determination, courage and a positive outlook on life, which allowed him to overcome the life changing event.

In the 14 years that Mike has been a double amputee he has internationally represented Australia in golf – playing off 6, been a founding member of the Limbs4Life peer support program, has been a celebrity ambassador for Interplast and has participated in the Eureka Climb in Melbourne.

Rolls can work with audiences in both the educational and corporate business and uses his presentations to teach audiences how to enhance and cultivate resilience by showing how powerful individuals can be, how to unlock and enhance resilience for a stronger future, how to confront toxic beliefs that can restrict lives and limit productivity, culling areas of life that have a negative impact and optimising performance for greater contribution.

By combining confrontational experiences alongside his determination and extensive ambition, Mike Rolls uncovers real-world wisdom that can be applied to any audience, helping them to achieve success despite the challenges faced. 

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