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Are You Ready?

Hurtling down a mountain at over 100km/hour with someone else acting as your sight there is no greater skill required than trust. It is a critical element to Jessica and her success as a summer and winter Paralympic medallist, Osteopath and Board Director and yet trust in business and society globally is at an all-time low. In this keynote Jessica will share how she develops, builds and sustains trust whilst adapting to the variabilities around her. The only constant we have in life is that change and trust are necessary for growth and sustainable success. Are you ready?

It is not what you see, but how you choose to see it

As an elite performer Jessica and her success is underpinned by the guides that support her to compete, not unlike a manager working with a team. The ever changing dynamics of leadership and team work when coupled with complexity and risk is real and profound regardless of the environment. In order to succeed it is critical leaders get it right. In this keynote Jessica shares the lessons she has learnt in developing her ability to interchange between being led, leading others and the impact of when it goes wrong as well as how to stop it from going wrong.

Making the time to live better

In our fast paced, complex lives it is easy to lose sight of looking after your greatest asset, you. As an Osteopath, Jess is asked the ultimate question on a weekly basis, how can I gain work/ life balance? In this keynote Jess will help you see health and wellbeing from a new perspective, share her personal stories of overcoming adversity and give you the tips and tools she has used to create positive and sustainable habits to live your best life. How will you make the time to live better?

The Agile Mind

How do you remain agile at the time when risk and fear strikes? As a high performance athlete in the dangerous world of Alpine Skiing, Jessica shares the practical ways she shaped her risk appetite and turned fear into a must have component of her mindset, skill and performances. It is easier than you might think to create a positive, empowered mindset to ensure you achieve your goals.

Dr Jessica Gallagher

Dual Summer and Winter Olympian.

Having to put all her trust into the hands of another person, Jess Gallagher’s story is sure to motivate any audience. Her story about losing her eyesight slowly enabled her to put her life into perspective and she encourages audiences to do the same,

Beginning to lose her sight at the age of 17 due to a degenerative and rare eye disease, Jess had to let go of her dreams of becoming a professional netballer. She had to trust those around her to lead her through her life.

At the age of 21, she discovered, by pure chance, the world of Paralympic sports. In 2008 Gallagher was banned from competing at the Beijing Paralympics, due to her eyesight being better than her competitors.

Two years later, as her eyesight continued to deteriorate, Jess participated in the 2010 Paralympics in Canada. It was there were she became Australia’s first female winter Paralympic medallist.

Since then, in both athletics and skiing, Jess has become a dual summer and winter Paralympian. She won her second bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

At the 2016 Rio Paralympics Jess created stunning sporting history becoming the first Australian athlete- Olympic or Paralympic to medal at both a summer and winter games when she won bronze in the 1km Time Trial.

She is a certified osteopath currently working with an elite professional sporting team, and is a global ambassador and board director for Vision 2020 Australia, as well as an ambassador for Disabled WinterSport Australia and Vision Australia.

Jess uses her deteriorating eyesight to teach companies and business the true meaning of trust, how to take opportunity as soon as it arises and how to improve performance by having the foresight to predict the results.

Jess Gallagher is an inspirational woman who never let her eyesight get in the way of achieving whatever she desired. Audiences leave her presentations feeling motivated and prepared to better their own lives.

As the global pandemic continues, Jess Gallagher can tailor her presentation to discuss the effects coronavirus has on remaining agile during tough times. Jess can present her keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.

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