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At the age of 16, Ben Pettingill woke up and discovered that overnight he had lost 98% of his eyesight to a rare genetic syndrome, Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Ben believed that he was just living a nightmare and that he would wake up one morning and be able to see again. He soon came to realise that this was not the case. His syndrome is incurable and he will be blind for life.

While the shock, then grief of losing one's eyesight cannot be discounted, once Ben processed his new reality he realised that he had to make a choice that would define the rest of his life. Ben came to learn that a blind man could see, and his miracle was the activation of True Vision and Limitless Vision, vision powered by mindset as opposed to eyesight.

Harnessing the True Vision and Limitless Vision mindsets whilst developing resilience in the face of adversity has been paramount to Ben's happiness. He'll be the first to tell you that if he could, he wouldn't go back and change what happened to him because without losing his eyesight, he would not have gained the life he lives today.

Water-skiing with direction through an ear piece, coaching basketball teams without being able to see the ball, trekking the Kokoda track and driving a car, Ben is not limited by his circumstances. He is the only legally blind person in the world to have competed in a Spartan obstacle course race, untethered, and water-skied the Southern 80, the fastest water skiing race in the world. 

As a speaker, Ben get's to change peoples lives for the better by sharing his learnings and providing a new perspective on life to corporate and education audiences on a daily basis. His ability to capture the imaginations of audiences is exciting and transformational. 

The adversities thrown at Ben at such a young age have matured him well beyond his years making him comfortable and confident in front of large conference audiences, executive boardrooms and everything in between, After all, he can't see who is sitting before him anyway! 

Speaker Topics

Limitless Vision: A Limited Life to A Limitless Life
After losing his vision at such a young age, Ben made a conscious decision to never allow his visual impairment impact his life or hole him back. Using a step by step process, he inspires audiences to aspire, action and achieve a big, audacious goal, a 'Limitless Vision'.
True Vision: What You See is Not What You Get
Speaking openly and honestly about his experiences, Ben shares how he discovered True Vision, a mindset allowing anyone to see things from the inside out rather than the outside in. Audiences learn how to discover, understand and apply True Vision to every aspect of their personal and professional lives.


Ben has an amazing story to tell and really inspires you to rethink your approach on life and what you can achieve. I would highly recommend Ben to others.


Thank you Ben for capturing the hearts and minds. Your presentation was highly engaging and it inspired and challenged us to live without limits both personally and professionally.

Nelson Alexander

Thank you for motivating and inspiring our students. Your relatable manner engages the listeners who can identify with your experiences. Thank you so much!

Plenty Valley Christian College

Ben's presentation was both engaging and thought provoking, delivered with humour, style and substance. To anyone seeking an inspiring and motivational speaker, I have no hesitation in recommending Ben.

City of Whittlesea

Ben Pettingill - Motivational Speakers

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