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Advancing women in leadership

As a Founder & CEO of Miss Sahara, Anyier Model Management, and the former Chair of the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW), Anyier brings a whole new level of advice, leadership and understanding to powerful female leadership. Anyier is all about empowerment and overcoming adversity and is determined to put the tools in the hands of women in leadership.

Building resilience - How to adapt and overcome any challenges

Born in a refugee camp in Kenya, dealt with the loss of both of her parents at an early age, moved to Australia at the age of 10 years old and dealt with intergenerational conflict, Anyier largely created her own future through hard work and resilience. Anyier has seized every opportunity offered to her to not only extend her formal education to Doctorate level, launched her social enterprise businesses, but also has a vision for an inclusive society in which individuals from different backgrounds can work to achieve their aspirations regardless of their past.

Diversity and inclusion - How to support the practice of inclusion

Anyier brings a fresh take on diversity & inclusion, having created impactful work with everyone from refugees to corporate leaders. Anyier draws from lived experience as a woman of color and South Sudanese-Australian growing up being seen as the ‘other’. Anyier believes diversity and inclusion can only be achieved if the diversity, differences, and equity is truly valued in our society and workplace. In this keynote session, Anyier uses her knowledge and lived experience to call for action and encourage individuals and leaders to leverage the diversity of thinking to ensure they are creating a space that creates systemic change.

Education and gender equality

Born in a refugee camp and raised without formal education, Anyier understands the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing education and economic opportunities. Anyier has firsthand experience education challenges that exist with being a refugee young woman. Anyier has forged her own path to success by completing her Bachelors, Masters and now undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), once again, seeking to advance the opportunities for women through her research into challenges and inequalities faced by women. Anyier collaborates with a range of stakeholders to amplify the voice of women in Western Sydney, across Australia and over the world.

Growth mindset – How to shift your thinking

Anyier believes your ability to shift your thinking and choose your mindset makes a significant difference to how you succeed in your personal and professional life. If you choose to have a fixed mindset, you will never realise your potential. A growth mindset educates you to see obstacles, identify your strengths, adapt to opportunities, and learn.

Anyier Yuol

Committed to reframing the way we approach diversity and inclusion in our society

Anyier Yuol is one of the world’s leaders in the area of social change. Having been born in a refugee camp in Kenya, losing her parents as a child, and then moving to Australia at age 10, Anyier has a deep and extensive understanding of the tremendously uneven social landscape upon which we live.

Anyier’s shares her profoundly provocative story of a young woman who speaks to advocate for herself and for women whose voices are ignored and who are prevented from realising themselves. Having been born in a refugee camp, Anyier was nourished and protected by many women around her, so when she finally left, even as a ten-year-old little girl, she had adopted their strengths, their survival skills, and the challenges they endured would drive her to be the woman she is today.

Empowering audiences worldwide, Anyier shares her story of resilience to encourage her audiences to feel listened to and feel inspired and get the most out of life regardless of the struggle they have been through.

Described as energetic, warm, charismatic, engaging, and sharing wisdom, Anyier uncovering emotional and intellectual connections invites her audiences to walk in her shoes with her on a journey that brought her from refugee camp to running a modelling agency and doing her Phd and representing refugee women and girls in international forums.

As an advocate for social justice,  Anyier engages with audiences of diverse backgrounds, delivering authentic, thought-provoking, and inspiring presentations that captivate and inspire those around her.

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