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As a serial entrepreneur, Andrew Griffiths has a passion for helping people achieve their business dreams and goals. He is an internationally renowned business author, dynamic keynote presenter and specialist consultant.

Growing up in Western Australia, Andrew was orphaned and survived neglect, abuse and tragedy. In spite of this childhood filled with so many negatives, he grew into a contagiously positive, funny and endlessly enthusiastic individual with a zest for life.

From a young age Andrew has been involved in the business of media and writing. At the age of seven, Andrew started his first business, selling newspapers in the red-light district of Perth. He has since gone on to sell encyclopaedias door-to-door, travelled the world as an international sales manager for a large Japanese shipping company, worked in the Great Sandy Dessert for a gold exploration company, been a publisher, had his own SCUBA school and retail store, and worked as a commercial diver throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea to mention a few of his business experiences. Andrew has founded and run two boutique marketing and corporate communication firms in Australia.

Andrew’s experiences and observations gained from working with hundreds of clients became the major catalyst in writing his series of business building books. The series is sold internationally and are used as either motivational tools for staff or corporate gifts for clients.

As a speaker, Andrew is highly sought after for his uncanny ability to entertain, inspire and energise. He is considered one of the leading small business experts in the world and his wide array of clients include franchise groups, Government departments and corporations with a small business customer base.

Andrew’s speaking topics revolve around encouraging individuals and organisations to be extraordinary and he does this through a concept called inspired communication. He speaks passionately on the ideas behind creating exceptional businesses, powerful relationships and the importance of work life balance. Andrew combines simple ideas with his life experiences to deliver pronounced results for any audience.  

Speaker Topics

7 Strategies for Deep, Rewarding Connection That Will Completely Transform Your Business
We are all too busy to stop and actually have deep and meaningful connection. We spend our lives connected to devices, we multitask all day, rarely focusing our full attention on any one thing or any one per son, and we all feel oddly disconnected. This is a wonderful opportunity and in this keynote presentation Andrew shares his own personal strategies for creating deep and meaningful connection with everyone you meet.
7 Strategies for Staying Sane When it Feels Like the World is Going Crazy
Lets be honest, there are times when we all feel like it is getting to be too much. We are overworked, fearful about the future, torn apart in a hundred directions and generally feeling like we have had enough. How do we stay sane when it feels like the world, and everything in it is going crazy? In this open and honest keynote Andrew shares how he has stayed sane, what he has done, dealing with some of the most challenging situations any person would have to deal with and come out stronger every time. A great keynote to motivate and inspire any audience.
Building a Bulletproof Reputation
Now more than ever, we are realising just how important our reputation actually is. There was a time we could hide behind our business, be private and let our business do the talking for us, but that strategy no longer works. If you do not tell people what you stand for, what your values are and why they should buy from you, they will make up their own story. We need to build a reputation that can stand the rigour of the modern world, and that takes time, energy and commitment, but we all need do it. A bulletproof reputation is the best insurance policy for when things go wrong in your business.
Building Trust in a Cynical World
Trust is a key factor in determining whether or not someone will buy from our business. Today people err on the side of being mistrusting, and they have every right. Being a big company or a Small Business that has been in operation for 30 years is no longer enough. We need to deliver the right message in an authentic and honest way, admit to our faults and failings, show that we open and transparent and be committed to becoming better in every way. For many industries it is a matter of rebuilding trust, having done little to build it over many years. Consumers are very unforgiving today and if your organisation is not building trust every day, there will be serious ramifications.
It is Time to Reinvent the Customer Experience in Every Way
One of the single biggest shifts in the business world in recent years has been the shift for consumers, where they are moving from accepting transactions to demanding experiences, whenever they spend their money. Customer service means a whole different thing today to what it meant 10 years ago and most businesses are struggling to adapt to their customers expectations. Failing to master this is a sure fire recipe for disaster.
It is Time to Tell a Much Better Story
There is a lot of discussion about storytelling, especially in the world of business. The problem is that it needs to be more than a discussion. Businesses both big and small need to learn how to tell better stories about what they do, who they are, what they stand for and why people should buy from them. Everywhere we turn, smart businesses have taken control of the storytelling space and for most, this has become the backbone of their marketing and communication strategy. Andrew is a Master Storyteller. He has told his stories on stages all around the world, in his international bestselling books, in the media and in a powerful TEDx talk, to mention just a few. In this keynote presentation Andrew shares his views on why it is time to tell a better story and most importantly, how we actually need to tell these stories.
No Mercy: The strategies for surviving a corporate disaster
In an interesting presentation, Andrew deconstructs a book called NO MERCY which identifies how groups of people change when in a disaster situation. Andrew draws a pile of similarities between people being caught up in a disaster scenario, with little hope of imminent rescue and a people caught up in a corporate disaster. Fun, entertaining, engaging and surprisingly practical for any corporate situation.
Small Business Inc: 7 strategies to help big business engage and sell to small business
When it comes to BIG BUSINESS trying to engage SMALL BUSINESS, it generally does not work. They communicate on completely different wave lengths, Small Business is not overly trusting of BIG BUSINESS and there are a world of misconceptions about both that actually prevent them from doing business in a meaningful way. As cofounder of Small Business MOB, a specialist corporate advisory firm that teaches corporate teams how to engage with Small Business owners, Andrew is equipped to show the corporate world how to get more Small Business customers, keep them for longer, encourage them to spend more and to refer other Small Business owners like them.
The 7 Key Strategies for Small Business Success in 2020
There has never been a better time to do business, there has never been a tougher time to do business. The key is knowing and applying the right strategies that will give your Small Business the competitive edge as we speed towards 2020. In this stimulating keynote presentation Andrew gets the audience to clearly understand the changing world we live in and what they need to be doing to not just survive, but thrive in the coming years.
The Andrew Griffiths Guide to Resilience
Andrew started life as an orphan. Abandoned by his parents when he was only 6 months old, his early life was a predictable journey of abuse and heart ache. Despite starting life in a way that no child should have to, Andrew has gone on to become an extraordinary inspiration to thousands of people globally. If you want your audience to be inspired, energised, to laugh, to cry and most importantly to think, this is the keynote presentation for you.
What I Have Learned After 30 Years in Business
Being a successful Small Business owner for 30 years means Andrew has learnt a thing or two along the way. Today, as a bestselling business and entrepreneurial author, with 12 books sold in over 60 countries, Andrew compares not only my own learnings, but also the experiences of hundreds of thousands of Small Business owners around the world, to share what are the key lessons to succeed in business. These are not what you think, and they will certainly challenge traditional thinking.


To give you an example of some formal feedback from your main platform session, ‘exceptional and powerful speaker, reflection is vital, excellent and very inspirational’. Your valuable insights and wrap up of the day worked a treat to link everything together, fuelled by your buoyant personality and enthusiasm.

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The feedback from everyone who attended your session was excellent. And best everyone was inspired to take action

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Inspirational, gutsy, dynamic and creative are just a few words that used to describe Andrew Griffiths. Not only does he have extraordinary information to share with his audiences but he holds his own by bringing passion to the stage and more importantly, he balances the strength of his presentations with authenticity and a warm generosity that is appreciated by his audience.


Andrew Griffiths - Motivational Speakers

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