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7 Strategies for business success in 2025

There has never been a better time to do business, and there has never been a tougher time to do business. The key is knowing and applying the right strategies that will give your Small Business the competitive edge as we speed towards 2025. I travel the world talking to, observing and working with Small Business owners. I get to see what is happening in this space around the planet and share what the trends I see emerging. In this stimulating keynote presentation, I get the audience to clearly understand the changing world we live in and what they need to be doing to not just survive but thrive in the coming years.

7 Strategies for Future-Proofing yourself, your business and even your industry.

As the Entrepreneurial Futurist, I'm all about future-proofing. In this lively presentation, I'll share my 7 key strategies that, if followed, will future-proof us as individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and even entire industries. In reality, with the rate of change speeding up, the risk of losing relevance with our targeted customers has never been more real or more rapid. We all need to have a strategic plan to ensure that we stay relevant, and that, in turn, is exactly what will future-proof us in the years ahead.

It's time for some good old school marketing.

In a world obsessed with all things digital, marketing has in many ways become very challenging when it comes to standing out from our competitors. I’ve been a fan of old school marketing for a long time (since writing the iconic 101 Ways to Market Your Business in 2000, in fact), and I believe that it has more relevance today than ever. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying digital is wrong, far from it, I’m saying that if we mix digital marketing and old school marketing, we can get far more cut through - which can only be a good thing. If we can master old school marketing as well as new school marketing, we gain an exceptional competitive advantage - something everyone in business needs.

Make the move from transactions to experiences.

One of the single biggest shifts in the business world in recent years has been the shift for consumers, where they are moving from accepting transactions to demanding experiences whenever they spend their money. Customer service means a whole different thing today to what it meant 10 years ago, and most businesses are struggling to adapt to their customers' expectations. Failing to master this is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. This is a presentation I'm being asked to deliver more often as businesses around the world realize just how important creating experiences has become. I love it, I'm passionate about it, and I've presented on this topic everywhere from Iran to London.

Never let a good CRISIS go to waste.

As we figure out what the world looks like in the aftermath of COVID19, there is no doubt for many of us, that the way we do business has changed dramatically. We've found business models that no longer work, markets disappeared, challenges with our staff, our mental wellbeing and much more. At the same time, new opportunities that we could never have imagined are appearing. Our customers have changed, what they want is different now from what they wanted before. The reality is that crisis is not something new. I've been through so many in my 35 years as a business owner and an entrepreneur, some external, some internal, all have taught me a great deal about doing business. If we are smart about how we approach a crisis, and rest assured there will be more, we can actually come out the other side in a much stronger place. And that is the ultimate way to future-proof ourselves.

Someone has to be the most expensive - why not make it you?

Hot off the back of my latest book, "Someone has to be the most expensive, why not make it you?", this keynote presentation is designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders - really anyone in business, appreciate their worth and value in a changing world. Being the cheapest is a terrible strategy, filled with so many issues. But it's not easy to start charging what you're worth if we are running on old data, poor self-worth and lack of an alternative model. My whole message here is that there has never been a time than right now to start charging what you are truly worth. Someone has to be the most expensive, why not make it you? But if you're going to be the most expensive you have to be the best. And this covers a lot of ground. Energetic, fun and with a deep and powerful message, this is one of my most popular presentations.

The Future of Business – 2030

There is little doubt that the world is changing at a ridiculously rapid rate, with direct impact and resultant consequences on all of us. Nowhere is this being felt more than in the world of business. We are seeing industries struggling to keep up and old, well-established businesses disappearing from the face of the planet simply because they are unable to evolve to survive and thrive in the new world. In this presentation, I share what I have observed to be the most important considerations and focus for businesses of all kinds to future proof themselves as we hurtle towards 2030. And rest assured there are plenty of upsides. In many ways, it has never been easier to stand out from the crowd but to do this, we need to really rethink a number of key aspects of our business, and that's exactly what I'll be talking about as I aim to inspire, educate and entertain your audience.

The ME MYTH - harnessing the power of empathy in the modern business world.

This presentation really showcases my story – starting life as an orphan and overcoming the often predictable life that comes from an unusual beginning. I talk about the key learnings I’ve had in my life, everything from near-death experiences as a commercial diver through to becoming a global bestselling author and speaker. It’s inspirational, funny, uplifting - and a great story of overcoming adversity.

What innovation in business really looks like around the world.

In this thoroughly engaging presentation, I share many stories about the face of innovation around the world - what it really looks like and what it means for the rest of us in business. This is a great opening keynote for any event with an innovation theme or an energetic presentation for later in the day when you want to get your audience laughing, engaged and thinking about the things that matter. I report on business innovation across a range of mediums for organisations, including INC.com, CBS, Flying Solo, Smallville and many more. It's a topic I absolutely love, with many lessons to be learned for business owners.

What I’ve learned from 35 years as a business owner.

Being a successful Small Business owner for 35 years means I have definitely learnt a thing or two along the way. Today, as a bestselling business and entrepreneurial author, with 13 books sold in over 65 countries, I compare not only my own learnings but also the experiences of hundreds of thousands of Small Business owners around the world to share what are the key lessons to succeed in business. These are not what you think - and they will certainly challenge traditional thinking. My first business was a dive shop, and from there I've had a host of businesses, all successful and all with very significant lessons to be shared.

Andrew Griffiths

Best-Selling Business Author, Dynamic Keynote Speaker and Specialist Consultant. 

Known as The Entrepreneurial Futurist, Andrew Griffiths is an internationally renowned business author, keynote presenter and consultant specialising in helping entrepreneurs and business owners to future-proof themselves. 

Drawing from his 35 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, Andrew gives practical advice on what he has learnt over the years and how he built a successful global business.

Growing up in Western Australia, Andrew's childhood was filled with tragedy as an orphan and survivor of neglect and abuse.  Despite this, he has become a contagiously positive and endlessly enthusiastic individual with a zest for life.

From a young age, Andrew has been involved in the business of media and writing. He started his first business, selling newspapers in the red-light district of Perth, at the tender age of seven. Since then, Andrew has worked as a door-to-door salesman selling encyclopaedias, travelled the world as an international sales manager for a large Japanese shipping company and worked in the Great Sandy Desert for a gold exploration company. Other previous business experiences include working as a publisher, owning a SCUBA school and retail store, and working as a commercial diver throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. Furthermore, he has also founded and run two boutique marketing and corporate communication firms in Australia.

Considered as one of the leading small business experts globally, Andrew is a highly sought-after speaker for his uncanny ability to entertain, inspire and energise the audience. He also has experience working with various clients, including franchise groups, Government departments, and corporations with a small business customer base. Andrew has presented over 750 keynotes, workshops, and presentations for many organisations in 25 countries.

As a bestselling author, Andrew's experiences and observations gained from working with hundreds of clients became the primary catalyst in writing his series of business building books. He has written 13 books and sold internationally in over 65 countries.

Andrew firmly believes that there are many strategies behind future-proofing businesses and staying relevant as individuals, business owners, companies and even industries.  His keynote presentations revolve around encouraging individuals and organisations to be extraordinary, using a concept called inspired communication.  

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