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Stephanie Silver

Entrepreneur & Leader in Mindfulness

With her innovative, evidence - based and prevention focused approach to helping people be more resilient, Stephanie is ready to inspire and teach you how to manage your own mental health more skilfully and how to best support those close to you at work and at home who may be going through challenging times.

Stephanie is the founder of I Am Mindful (I.A.M), an evidence based social enterprise that teaches people how to be their own mental health hero. Through I Am Mindful, Stephanie’s mission is to normalise and encourage more vulnerable and honest conversations around mental health at work, school and home and teach people practical, science - based coping strategies that could be the difference between preventing somebody from self - harming or committing suicide.

I Am Mindful has partnered with The Melbourne Clinic (TMC) Psychiatric Hospital (Healthscope) to research the I Am Mindful Mental Health Toolkit through the TMC professorial unit and Department of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne. The I.A.M Mental health toolkit is distributed to eating disorder program participants and those in the young person’s emotion management program.

Through I Am Mindful, Stephanie also works with school year levels ranging from year 5 - 12 across Australia who have booklisted the I Am Mindful Mental Health Toolkit and accompanying coping planning resources, rolling out the I. A.M school program and embedding it in their school curriculum. Schools that I Mindful work with include Lauriston Girls’ School, Wesley College, Star of The Sea College, Korowa Anglican Girls’ School to name a few.

I Am Mindful also works with corporations to help boost employee mental health and wellbeing such as Workday, Spotlight and Deakin University.

Stephanie holds a B.Comm./Advertising (RMIT), Master of Entrepreneurship (First Class Honours) (University of Melbourne) and is a Positive Psychology Practitioner (University of Melbourne) and registered Mindfulness teacher.

Stephanie is an engaging professional speaker who is relatable, genuine and honest. Her authenticity and realness about her own mental health struggles and journey as a young person coupled with psychoeducation she will teach you drawn from therapies such as Dialectical

Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology, will leave you feeling inspired. Stephanie distills difficult psychological concepts and delivers them in easy to digest, fun and engaging ways that will leave you and your company feeling confident to better handle any curve balls that life throws at you and better equipped to help support people in your life who may be struggling.


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