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Mark Bunn

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Rediscover the simple, timeless secrets of the worlds healthiest people Read less
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Ayurveda Alive

Discover the missing link in health today, your unique body type, and use the worlds oldest health system to master every aspect of your life Read less
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GameChangers: The elite-performance well-being tactics reshaping business success

In both sport and business, elite performers have a similar formula for success. Yet from Tiger Woods and Serena Williams to Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, the tools and tactics for winning the game of business (and life) are constantly changing. Are you and your team playing your best game? Are you using the latest science in personal performance? Would you like to play faster, smarter, happier and healthier? Read less
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Winning tomorrows business through total brain development and mind body performance Read less
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The Consciousness Revolution

From mindfulness to transcendence, discover why consciousness is the ultimate game changer and next big thing Read less
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Zen: The happiness advantage

Discover why happiness is the new key to work and life success and how everyone can be happier in minutes Read less
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Zest: Achieve your natural high

Learn how to gain high energy, low stress, life balance and work success in your everyday life Read less
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Zone: The daily habits of high achievers

What separates the super productive from those who feel simply swamped? Learn how anyone can replicate their techniques to do thirty percent more in thirty percent less time with thirty percent less stress! Read less
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Mark Bunn

Learn timeless health advice from an AFL legend

With his experience as a former AFL footballer, combined with his three-time best-selling book 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health', Mark Bunn helps people become leaders in the future of business performance, going “beyond mindfulness” so that they may strive for health and happiness.

An internationally-booked speaker on health, Mark has shared his words of wisdom to clients like NAB, Westpac, FMG (New Zealand), Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and AMP. He has also delivered his presentations to hundreds of schools, governments and community groups around the country.

Using a fascinating blend of modern Western science, ancient Eastern medicine, plus a handful of secrets from the world’s healthiest and highest performing people, Mark shows audiences practical tips to improving their resilience, becoming more positive and looking after themselves. In doing so, he hopes to help others tackle prominent issues that threaten our health, including stress/anxiety, poor sleep, low motivation and burnout.

Your audience will be given proven and timeless health wisdoms that will improve their lives immediately; everything from circadian medicine and transcendence to productivity tips from Richard Branson, Oprah, Tim Ferriss and Arianna Huffington. Down-to-earth, highly entertaining and 100% practical, Mark promises no lectures on calories, fats or sleep apps. 

Having faced the consequences of the pandemic, Mark is also keen to discuss the effects of coronavirus on society’s health and wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a presenter that will not only entertain your audience, but leave them with the latest secrets of health, high-performance and optimal brain functioning, Mark’s the go-to for the job! 


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